Hadley “I’m a bit of a dinosaur”

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2GB's Ray Hadley has been profiled on Australian Story on the ABC tonight in a revealing and personal interview.

Ray is pictured at right with his wife Suzanne.

During the program, Ray spoke at length about his relationship with his father and how it has formed his attitude to work and life, at times becoming emotional when he discussed him. At one point saying;

"he (Ray's father) died in 1975 and I just wish I could have him back for one more day".

No profile piece on Ray Hadley could be complete without addressing his infamous temper. John Singleton was interviewed for the piece and discussed Rays temper. Singleton said;

'When he gets angry on air its pretty scary, it scares politicians, let alone staff. And I know that deep down where it really counts he really is a decent bloke, but he doesn't realise how scary he can be."

Singleton, Hadley, Mike Carlton and Rays wife Suzanne spoke at length about the recent incident with 2GB staff member Richard Palmer, and the fallout afterwards when he was suspended from 2GB and then allegedly reinstated after a phone call to John Singleton.

Hadley said;

"If I made demands of John Singleton, he'd tell me to get fucked in the same way that if he made demands of me, I'd tell him to get fucked. John Singleton was appalled by my behaviour and told me so".

He went on to say;

'I addressed the staff and there were more than a hundred gathered. I firstly apologised to them for the discredit I'd brought to the radio station in the past week through my behaviour, and I said I'd make an attempt in the future to set a better example for the younger members of staff to follow'.

Overall the piece, whilst honest, certainly was designed to showcase Ray Hadley as a working class bloke who has done well, yet retained his suburban roots.

John  Singleton said towards the end of the program of Hadley;

"he's still a very ordinary bloke, he's just a very highly paid ordinary bloke"

You can watch the episode here or read the complete transcript here.


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