Guy Sebastian: I can’t rely on radio

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Guy Sebastian has spoken to News Limited about his music and commented that radio is not always going to be a medium he can rely on for exposure.

He was discussing a new song he has written called "battle scars': 

"I love the song, but it's a little bit dark. I've got to be prepared not to have massive radio support for every song. Songs like 'dont' worry be happy' are so bright and radio-friendly. But heaps of (my) stuff is a little darker. Those tracks give weight to the album".

Sebastian spoke about the US market:

"last year I released 'who's that girl' in the US, I funded it completely independently. I did maybe one or two interviews, I didn't promote it. And it's already had up to 60,000 sales. And that's just random people downloading it from hearing it on the radio".

Sebastian is yet to sign on for the next season of X-Factor, saying he is weighing up doing the show or stepping up his efforts to break in the UK.

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