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Game of Thrones Season 6 premiered The Red Woman on Fotxtel’s Showcase in Australia. How did you reflect it? Take a look at some of the stats Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings found:

  • 6.6k Unique Authors sent 12.4k Tweets about the show throughout the whole day
  • Most activity occurred around linear airtime, during which 5.7K Authors sent 10.5k Tweets
  • Fans sent 9k Tweets about Game of Thrones in the week leading up to the premiere in anticipation (17-24 April)
  • #gameofthrones was the top hashtag of the day for all Drama series with over 5k mentions
  • Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner were the most mentioned cast accounts
  • Jon Snow was the most mentioned character, followed by Melisandre
  • The most Tweeted moments happened when fans reacted to the dramatic return of Brienne and Pod and Melisandre reveals an unexpected secret in the last moments of the episode.


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