Former radio personality Mark Pedler passes away aged 66

Former radio personality, Mark Pedler, passed away on 3rd January 2023, aged 66, after a long battle with cancer.

Mark had a string of roles in radio after getting his start at 8HA in Alice Springs as a Production Manager in 1978, despite no experience. 

8HA Station Manager Phil Ebrell took a liking to the young electrician’s positive attitude and gave him a shot which soon accelerated into an on-air role. 

Mark later relocated to his home region of South Australia’s Riverlands where he took a role at Riverland Radio 5RM and kicked off a successful decade in radio which would see him solidify his place in the industry. 

Working with Greg ClarkPaul Barry and the late Di Stapleton, Mark would build connections and later become a semi-regular on the television program Music Express, talking about all things music.

In 1991, Mark decided to retire from radio and began a successful videography business before later living a quiet life as a ‘wharfie’, working on the docks of Port Adelaide.

Former colleague Scott McBain said, “Mark was too nice for the brutality of commercial radio.”

In late 2017, Mark was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and told to get his affairs in order. 

Contrary to medical advice, Mark and fellow guitarist Stuart Knowles travelled to the USA in October 2018 to explore the history of southern blues and tick the adventure off the bucket list. 

The story would become a documentary called Mississippi Miracle.

Despite the short life prognosis, Mark carried his positive attitude through life for five years following his initial diagnosis, entertaining friends, playing music and catching up with his radio family. 

Mark’s final message before he passed away was, “Look out heaven, it’s about to get loud!”

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11 Jan 2023 - 8:43 pm

Very sadly, Di Stapleton, pictured with Greg Clark and Paul Barry above, also passed away a couple of years back. She was a most caring friend who put others first even while she herself was dying of cancer. We went through our final year of law school together.


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