Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie grill NSW Premier on Commonwealth Games


Fresh from Victoria pulling the pin on the 2026 Commonwealth Games, this morning on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie, the New South Wales Premier was grilled about the possibility of Sydney hosting the event.

Chris Minns revealed the real reason he won’t be saying yes:

WIPPA: “ I mean in terms of the rivalry. Melbourne versus Sydney. They’re claiming and have claimed for a long time to have a sporting capital of the world? And they can’t put on a Commonwealth Games.  Now if you said we’ll take it and run with it. Good for Sydney. Good for Minnsy.

CHRIS MINNS: “I feel like you guys think that you’re talking me into it. But no, I’m not giving ground. Look. The reason is, I don’t want to be in a situation where we promise something and then we can’t deliver it.”

The Premier also revealed the annoying TV habit he has that his wife hates.

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