EXCLUSIVE: Kyle and Jackie O’s Top 10 on-air moments of 2017

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There’s no denying Sydney breakfast duo Kyle and Jackie O have had a phenomenal year.

From upping the ante with their giveaway promotions (cars, holidays, gay weddings) to their outlandish segments (naked dating, only lying), the pair has had everyone in the industry talking at some point.

As the year draws to an end, Radio Today can exclusively reveal what Kyle and Jackie O consider their Top 10 on-air moments of 2017.

Moment #10 – Giveback: Rhys (April 7)

Kyle and Jackie O were reduced to tears after gifting a terminally ill 21-year-old with a dream holiday to New Zealand.

Moment #9 – Naked Dating couple get lucky (March 9)

Naked Dating was 2017’s most talked about radio segment. The concept is simple: two single people come into the radio studio, get naked in front of one another and we sit back and see if the two like what they see. With this particular Naked Dating segment, the contestants got on well … very well.


 Moment #8 – Kyle and Jackie O give out Usain Bolt’s phone number (September 8)

Kyle and Jackie landed the exclusive radio interview with Usain Bolt when he came out to Australia. The best way to welcome their overseas guest? By giving out his mobile phone number. Fans were blown away to chat with Usain, with many of them being invited to party with him that night. You can view the clip in full here.

Moment #7 – The famous ‘Gucci Handbag’ Only Lying call (October 27)

‘Only Lying’ is one of Kyle and Jackie O’s most loved segments: if you’re able to get a loved one to lose their minds on the phone, you walk away $1,000 richer. This is exactly what happened with this call where one sister called the other, pretending that an expensive Gucci handbag had been ruined. The video of this call got over one million views on Facebook. *language warning*


Moment #6 – Charlie Sheen’s on-air meltdown (January 25)

What was meant to be a fun and pleasant interview with Charlie Sheen turned into an entertaining no-holds-barred roast by Charlie of all the Hollywood executives that he believes did him wrong. Kyle and Jackie sat back and let the magic unfold!

Moment #5 – Cold-calling Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman for Keith’s birthday (October 26)

It pays to have been around for as long as Kyle and Jackie have – you end up getting to know celebrities, having their phone numbers and being able to call them whenever you feel like it. When Kyle and Jackie heard it was Keith Urban’s birthday – they called his direct number and got he and Nicole on the line … as easy as that!

Moment #4 – ‘Making It Rain’ by dropping tens of thousands of dollars from the sky (March 13)

Kyle and Jackie had always dreamt of dropping tens of thousands of dollars from the sky to listeners down below. Stan and KIIS made this a reality by teaming up to organise a helicopter, a ton of cash and die-hard listeners who ended up walking away a lot richer than when they arrived!

Moment #3 – First interview with Mercedes Corby after Schapelle’s return home (May 31)

Australia’s media were all trying to get the first interview with the Corbys after Schapelle’s return home from Bali. Kyle and Jackie O not only got the first interview with Mercedes Corby, they also got a very brief word from Schapelle too.

Moment #2 – Staying on air after ‘Yes’ survey result (November 15)

Kyle and Jackie O not only stayed on the air to take the live announcement of the Same Sex Marriage survey announcement, they took over the station’s airwaves to celebrate the “yes” announcement. They played classic gay anthems, spoke to celebrities and took calls from overjoyed listeners who were celebrating the result.

YES!!!! Australians have given same-sex marriage their approva…

YES!!!! Australians have given same-sex marriage their approval! Here's the moment we found out!

Posted by Kyle and Jackie O on 2017年11月14日

Moment #1 – You Get a Car (May 19)

Kyle and Jackie O made radio history by giving away a car (Hyundai i30) to every single caller that made to air. Throughout the morning, a total of 12 cards ended up being given away.

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