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In February television star, and former Nova 100 Afternoon Announcer, Samuel Johnson will cycle around Australia to raise money for Breast Cancer, honouring a promise to his sister.

Sam's sister Connie has fought cancer three times in her life; at 11 years old Connie fought a bone tumour in her leg, at 22 she overcame a tumour in her womb, however this time things are different.

Connie has Breast Cancer. It has spread to her lungs, liver, pelvis, spine and knee.

On this occasion the disease is terminal, and at the age of 35 Connie's life expectancy is 6-12 months. 

Facing this, Connie jokingly set Sam the toughest challenge she could think. It turned into a promise;

He will raise a million dollars for Breast Cancer Research.

He will raise awareness for the disease that is taking her.

He will break the Guiness World Record for the longest distance on a unicycle.

Samuel has set up the website loveyoursister.org, and you can see the path he will travel, the dates, and make a donation supporting his cycle around the country to the Garvan Research Foundation.

The current record for distance travelled on a unicycle is 14,686 kilometres. Sam's planned path will take him just over 15,000 kilometres and obviously before a trip like that you have to get in shape, you can see the video of Sam preparing, in part, below.

Sam will pass through many radio stations service areas on the way, and if you would like to offer any support, you can contact him through the loveyoursister.org website.

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