Elliott & 3AW listener take us back to the 50’s

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Melbourne and Sydney are in the grip of Ellen DeGeneres fever. But not everyone is excited about her being here.

One of those is 3AW listener Gerald who phoned the Tom Elliott (pictured) drive show this week with his view on Ellen's popularity. If you want to head back to the 1950’s, read some of what Gerald had to say, and hear the audio below;

Caller (Gerald): “20, 30 years ago women would have been busy cooking, cleaning, in the laundry…”

Tom Elliot: "they’re still busy doing things like that aren’t they?”

Gerald: “I think that they’ve departed from those traditional chores and now their minds are so unnoccupied that anything, even this tomfoolery like Ellen DeGeneres is good enough”

Tom: “so what’s the solution, more chores?”

Gerald: “I think that husbands all around Australia should get back to discipline, old fashioned discipline”

For a while we thought it was 2013. Obviously not in some places.

And it got better. Tom Elliott went on to say this;

“my wife still complains about doing the volume of housework and washing, and of course I do my best to help, but in economics you gotta specialise in what you’re good at. Those who are good at certain things should do them.”

Have a listen to the audio :-

or hear it here


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