Delta Goodrem: Powered by passion … and coffee!


Delta Goodrem says her mum’s always been a bit of an Energiser Bunny. Her dad, too.

Maybe that’s where she gets it from.

Delta’s been on the go non-stop lately, spending the first month of this year in the US and the second month in London promoting her new single Hearts on the Run.

The song has already reached #8 on the UK’s national airplay chart.

With Delta having recently arrived back in Australia, I caught up with her on the Food Bytes podcast.

With such a full-on schedule, sometimes there’s barely time to draw breath, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I think it’s part of my DNA. I love getting to do what I love to do,” Delta says.

And passion is what fuels her creativity.

She loves the process of crafting every song, right from its inception, and Hearts on the Run is no different.

The high-energy anthem features eighties pop beats and follows on from another 80s-inspired hit, Back to Your Heart.

Fittingly, the video clip features everything from track sprinting to a touch of bedazzled double (actually, make that triple) denim.

Delta says “It has a ‘keep going, don’t give up kind of spirit about it.”

Explaining the inspiration behind the song, she says “When the world opened up again (post Covid), we kind of got back on the road, we were back on the tour bus, we were going across the US with the Backstreet Boys, we were singing every single night – we were kind of  ‘Go, go, go, go, GO!’”

“The song has that element of when your legs are tired and you’re in a marathon and you’re going ‘I can’t go any further!’, it (offers) that motivation.”

There have been many standout moments along Delta’s musical journey, not least that incredible 2022 performance alongside Robbie Williams in front of a massive MCG crowd on AFL Grand Final Day.

“It was amazing! The whole day was fantastic,” says Delta.

“Robbie has been a wonderful music friend to me throughout my career. I loved it. Really loved it.”

Life has certainly served up its challenges.

Delta was just eighteen years old when she was diagnosed with the blood cancer Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Her debut album Innocent Eyes was #1 on the ARIA charts and was climbing the charts in Europe when she received the life-changing news.

More than two decades on, she’s all about giving back to those who helped her navigate the journey, via The Delta Goodrem Foundation.

“I went back to the incredible doctors and professors at the hospital who had treated me at different moments and asked them ‘What can I do?’”

“We started up in cellular therapy research and being to find a cure for blood cancers, and now we’re focusing our attention on our nurses. Our angels.”

“It’s something I’m passionate about.”

Something Delta is also unashamedly passionate about is coffee.

Having developed a love for the beverage during her early days in the recording studio, Delta doesn’t discriminate – she’s just as happy with an instant mug of Moccona as she is with a barista-made latte.

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