More cuts at 1116 SEN as GM departs

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Craig Hutchison’s purge at Melbourne sports broadcaster 1116 SEN has continued with another high profile sacking. 

General Manager Cathy Thomas has been given the flick after 18 months in the job, with the former SCA Melbourne GM was told her position had been made redundant.

It’s one of many sweeping changes brought in by the Crocmedia boss following the merger with Pacific Star Network, SEN’s new owner.

Pacific Star Network chairman Craig Coleman has addressed the sacking in a statement.

“Change is never easy but we are focussed on positioning SEN for future growth.

“We thank Cathy for the valued contribution she’s made to the station and wish her every success in the future”.

Thomas joins a long list of departures that include evening host Mark Fine, veteran Kevin Hillier, former Test cricketer Rodney Hogg and drive hosts David Schwartz and Mark Allen.

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23 Jan 2018 - 9:43 pm

Will be turning off Sen

brian pickering
24 Jan 2018 - 3:50 pm

K B was the only one I listened to and as I dont listen to radio during the afternoon it is sayonara K B and SEN.
incidentally I submitted a request as to how I could get hold a copy of the list of Australian songs and of Australian sayings featured on last saturdays “off the bench ” by pickers but got no reply so i am trying again@Maybe the new management might oblige brian pickering

Phil Waryszczuk
24 Jan 2018 - 5:11 pm

It was great a couple of years ago with Harford, Bartlett, etc etc.
They tried change and it took them backwards. Never should of lost Harford.

Needs change to get it back.

“Radar” has no place being there. They tried him in afternoons and it got them no where and they put him, back there again.

Mark Maclure….really.

It’s bad enough it is on AM with all the interference of power, trams etc, and they offer shewing your download to make it better. Do they understand the lag between it all?

Like a train wreck, you gotta watch/listen and see how it all turns out.


Geoff P
25 Jan 2018 - 7:19 pm

The halcyon days were KB in the morning, Daniel Harford in the afternoon and Richo on both sessions on Fridays. Those were happy times.

The morning shift should work, but is labouring. Whately was full of himself
on 774, can’t see him entering into the general tone of the SEN which was for the presenters not to take themselves too seriously.
Don’t mind Radar, there are a lot worse than him. KB and The Turf were terrific for one hour a week. Not too sure about 3 hours per day, things could go from great to grating.

The station has more ad breaks that 3AW. The news on the hour lasts for 4-5 minutes but is padded out to 600 seconds with excruciating ads. “We’ll be right back after a short break” then comes up every 12 minutes, but SEN’s “short” is a long time. Yes, yes, this is a commercial venture, but they are killing the enjoyment of listening. Charge more for ads and have fewer.

18 Feb 2018 - 9:06 pm

Will be turning off going to 3AW i think, the changes they have made are so bad, will really miss Ox, Marko, Finey, Peaky and the GBU crew of an evening, followed the station since it started but i think Hutchy is trying to Americanise the sports station and this will not work in Aus, will miss the chemistry and banter between presenters and regular listeners as the new presenters seem so full of themselves and take themselves way to serious, KB is the only good thing left

2 Apr 2018 - 9:39 pm

I am in Sydney and tried to tune in for the AFL coverage – the day of the game – SEN is not available online. KB was okay – so was Mark Fine – I can’t listen to Pickers and Hutch carry on like 5 year olds… boring. 3AW seem the go now for AFL coverage.


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