Carrie raises the stakes in The Time Game


On the Hit Network’s national drive show Carrie & Tommy, Carrie almost lost $20,000 of her own money when she raised the stakes for ‘The Time Game.’

The on-air game – which has never been won by a listener since the duo began playing it on the show three years ago – requires a listener to guess the when the stopwatch reaches exactly 5.00 seconds.

The cash prize rose by $100 every time someone didn’t win, and three years on, the jackpot reached $10,000 yesterday.

For a bit of added fun (at the time), Carrie added another $20,000 to the prize money, confident it wouldn’t go off.

However, listener Nick stopped the clock right on 5.00 seconds and walked away with $30,000! The best five seconds of Nick’s life were potentially Carrie’s worst!

“Because our show starts at three, I’m times-ing it by three. Thirty grand on the line today.”

10 minutes later …

“There’s been a few meetings happening off-air in the last 10 minutes with bosses going, ‘You can’t just go and say things on-air that we can’t fulfil.’ I will fulfil it, if they can’t (the radio bosses), I will,” Carrie said.

“I just went rogue and said $30,000 and now I’ve – oh my God.”

“I’m so excited by this but I’m slightly terrified because I’m not sure if it’s my money or the company’s money that you’re about to take.”

Watch the video here.

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Get real
24 Feb 2023 - 9:04 am

How stupid do they think we are?


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