Caralis settles with Adobe and Microsoft

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Bill Caralis, owner of the Super Radio Network, has paid Adobe and Microsoft an undisclosed amount after they accused the network of using products without licenses, and allegedly communicating internally how to apply a 'crack' to obtain unlicensed access.

Caralis made a statement via his lawyer, describing the case as a "storm in a teacup".

David Fryatt, his lawyer, also said: "From our point of view it's a small — infinitesimal — result in their favour."

"Both parties have reached a mutually satisfactory agreement and it's just a very small payout from my client's point of view to resolve the proceedings."

Super Radio Network has also agreed to conduct a software audit of its other stations. "What they have to do is check their computers to make sure they comply," Mr Fryatt said.

While the court case involved only four stations, 2DU / Zoo FM in Dubbo and 2LF / Roccy FM in Young, the separate proceedings over the rest of the network had also been settled.

Microsoft lawyer Clayton Noble, who is also chair of the Australian arm of software industry advocacy group the Business Software Alliance, said:

"The message is, if you're running a business and you're not sure your software is properly licensed, it's a good reminder to check. Using software without licences is an infringement of copyright and it can have serious legal consequences."

Read more in The Australian here.

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