Car conversations: New fly on the wall podcast series


Conversations in the car can be among the most open, raw, honest and hilarious chats we have.‘s new podcast, Along for the Ride on LISTNR, offers a fly on the wall insight into notable Australians.

Along for the Ride is the third podcast collaboration with and LiSTNR. In the series, host Anthony Madaffari, Lifestyle Editor at carsales, is in the passenger seat of cars owned by well-known Australians and driven around while chatting.

These conversations look at the relationship guests have with their car, or cars of their past, which could be as simple as recounting the time they were taught how to drive or remembering what road trips they used to take with their parents – a raw look at what makes them unique and who they are as a person.

Some of Along for the Ride’s guests across 10 episodes include Fox FM Breakfast announcer Brendan Fevola, former Australian sprinter and host of Better for It Katie Williams, Triple M Sydney’s The Rush Hour announcer Wendell Sailor, former Triple M presenter and racing commentator Emma Freedman, and Australia Today host Steve Price.

Madaffari says “Along for the Ride captures the essence of cars being more than just something Aussies use to get from A to B, they are part of a wider travel journey. Conversations in the car tend to be uninterrupted and different from those people might have in another setting.”

“Hearing about memorable cars and personal moments from some of our well-known Australians on the podcast has been really enjoyable – from deeper conversations to natural banter and unexpected truths, listeners don’t need to be a car enthusiast to tune in.”

LiSTNR Senior Executive Producer – Branded Podcasts, Todd Stevens says “We’re really excited to launch the third carsales podcast as part of our LiSTNR partnership. Along for the Ride explores the idea that there is something different about the conversations that people have while in the car. They let their guard down, look out at the road ahead and just chat.”

“That is what this podcast is – well known Australians having raw and honest conversations that they might not usually have when behind a microphone.”

Along for the Ride launches today, 30 November, and will be released fortnightly on Wednesdays on the LiSTNR app.

Listen to it here.

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