Broad Radio launches equity funding campaign


It was over three years ago now that the idea first took shape: Radio for women, by women.

Today, Broad Radio continues to enjoy a loyal following.

It’s described a place for women who love a deeper conversation. A place to celebrate those who inspire us. A place for brutally honest chats – the good, the bad, and the really hard.

Broad Radio is the brainchild of former Fox FM Breakfast host Jo Stanley.

As Stanley tells Radio Today, Broad Radio is responding to a need – for its audience, for content creators and for brands who seek a genuine connection with this demographic.

“Radio is transformative – it’s why we all love it so much,” she says. “It makes us feel connected and uplifted, and it both reflects and shapes society. But if there are sections of our community missing from the voices on air, then they miss out on that connection and that great joy of listening to radio that is relatable to them.”

Stanley says there are great radio networks out there right now doing fantastic things for specific audiences.

“For instance, I love how Triple M meets their male audience – it’s a very valuable radio home for that demographic.”

“We want to see the same for women over 35, so that their life experiences are told and reflected back to them.”

“And when it’s by women, the content is unapologetically for women.”

Stanley says Broad Radio is constantly getting feedback from women to say they love it can’t wait to hear more.

“It feels great to know we’re creating something completely new for that overlooked audience.”

Now, Broad Radio has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign with Birchal to help grow its ever-expanding platform of female voices.

Tuning into a whole new model of capital raising, Broad Radio is reaching out to individuals who believe in its mission of amplifying and connecting women’s voices in media.

Funds will allow the network to release its app that will be a platform for female-led live radio and podcasts.

Stanley says crowdfunding is the perfect way to bring creatives and listeners of the network together.

“My vision for Broad Radio was always about having intelligent, inspiring, funny and, most importantly, real women on the air.”

“Opening the company to other real people who share our core values is such a special way to help us grow. Quite literally, everyone can become a shareholder.

“The crowdfunding process has been streamlined and the potential is really exciting for us. We’ve taken the opportunity to organise specialty events such as webinars and soirees for interested investors.”

“We have so many exciting plans for the future of Broad Radio, including our purpose-built app that means our listeners will be able to listen wherever they are.”

The three-week EOI period opens on 30 January, with a two-week offer opening on 20 February to those registered during the EOI period, before opening publicly on 22 February.

Funds raised from the campaign will be used to release the Broad Radio app, expand programming and distribution, and invest in commercial partners.

Listen to Broad Radio here and join the conversation on its Facebook page and Instagram.

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