Breakfast show fired over prank call

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In the wake of the 2Day FM prank call controversy, prank phone calls in Australia and New Zealand were swiftly dropped from shows.

However not in Singapore, and on friday morning CHR station Hot FM 91.3 fired their Breakfast show over an inappropriate prank call.

Singapore Press Holdings, who operate 3 radio stations in the country including Hot FM 91.3, are programmed by an Australian; former Triple M Brisbane and Sea FM Gold Coast broadcaster Jamie Meldrum (pictured).

Meldrum axed 'The Married Men' Breakfast show over what he has called 'inappropriate content'. He commented;

"The action was taken in connection with a 'Kena Pluck' segment aired on Thursday, during the Morning Drive Time show on Hot FM 91.3. The segment contained material that was wholly inappropriate on air and breached the terms of the contract"

"As much as it pains us to take this action after having worked with them for so many years, the segment that was aired was deemed indefensible and we had to take the matter seriously. We apologise to listeners who were offended by it (and) we felt it was the appropriate action to take".

The Married Men Breakfast show (left) has been with Hot FM 91.3 for five years, and on Breakfast since March 2010.

The show consists of three on-air people; Rod Monteiro, Andre Hoeden and Jillian Lim.

Montiero has said publicly; "We received the letter around 11 (yesterday) morning. We respect their decision and we will not be attempting to try to work things out".

The prank call was part of the regular 'Kena Pluck' segment, and Monteiro called a woman who had signed up for an early childhood course.

He posed as an official conducting background checks and advised that she only hit children from poor families as they would be unable to afford to take legal action. He also said to her that in some countries it was considered molestation to hug a child.

Monteiro, has commented on his facebook page;

"Good morning… Wow, feels funny doing tht without a mike. I wish it was a Kenna pluck, the irony it 'seems',tht the kena pluck did us in. Thank u for the support. Right now feeding my family is top of my mind. I really want to keep entertaining my country to the best tht I know how. Soon again I hope. I send hugs to all, yes even guys. I'll be borrowing your ears hopefully soon again."

See The Married Men Youtube channel here, the Hot FM 91.3 website here, and the announcement below;


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