Sold: Bill Caralis buys 2BS Bathurst and B-Rock

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Super Radio Network owner Bill Caralis has bought out 2BS and B-Rock in Bathurst.

The news that Ron and Stephanie Camplin had sold the station was announced on the 2BS Morning show, with listeners shocked to hear John Laws instead of Ray Hadley when they tuned in.

2BS Bathurst changed its frequency from 1503AM to 95.1 FM in May of 2018.

Both Laws and Hadley addressed the sale on their respective shows this morning.

It’s not yet clear whether any other programming will be affected by the sale.

Hadley addressed the issue this morning on his show, clearly annoyed to have lost listeners.

He started by thanking the Camplins for their service, before addressing the matter at hand.

“Ron Camplin and Stephanie are retiring after devoting much of their lives to the radio industry, and for that we are much appreciative,” he said.

“I’ve been informed that we’ve been taken off… We’ve got a stack of calls from 2BS listeners, the new owners have elected not to take the program almost immediately.”

He then encouraged listeners in Orange to tell their friends in Bathurst to attempt to tune in to 105.1 Triple M to hear his show from tomorrow.

When asked for comment, a spokesperson for 2BS told Radio Today; “It’s business as usual here.”

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Stack Of Calls
3 Jun 2019 - 4:32 pm

A stack of calls from 2BS listeners. I think not.

Neil Docherty
4 Jun 2019 - 10:32 pm

Stack of calls, I agree….. there are only 25 people in Bathurst, all from the same family, 12 of those are at school, 13 are working at Simplot Foods and eating chiko rolls….too busy to listen to Ray who?


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