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The Radio Today 'airplay' menu item (above) contains the most comprehensive and up to date data on music airplay and advertiser airplay in Australian radio courtesy of our friends at Aircheck. This system has been specifically designed for Radio Today and is not available elsewhere.

So how does it work?

The information you see is based on a 7-day rolling chart and is updated each evening at midnight, so each day a new 24 hour period is added on, and the oldest 24 hour period is removed. This means that the music airplay data, or the advertiser data, you are reading is an accurate reflection of the 7-days preceding midnight. The previous week figures also are 7-day rolling, for the week prior to the 'this week' figures.

Given this chart is updated every 24 hours, there will generally be only incremental movement: as each 24 hour period drops, or is added. That said there are extreme movements when a major new song is released: such as Katy Perry 'part of me' on today's All Formats and CHR charts which has increased plays substantially.

You will note some particularly significant fluctuations on the Alternative chart, this is due to us collating data from only the one station: Triple J.

Our view is that the most useful and actionable information needs to be time-sensitive. Airplay data in print is by definition old news, and airplay data that isn't accurate to the most recent day is out of date. 

If you have any comments on our charts and the way that we have put them together, or suggestions for improvements, knock yourself out, all feedback is appreciated!

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