New podcast ranker: Hamish & Andy remain #1 as Abbie Chatfield surges into top 10

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The August edition of the Australian Podcast Ranker is out, with a significant shake-up to the country’s top 10 podcasts.

This month, for the first time, podcasts are graded according to the number of unique monthly listeners, instead of the number of downloads of content throughout the measurement period.

It was predicted this would favour podcasts with a more extensive reach, as opposed to those who get multiple downloads from the same pool.

For the first time, Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) and Triton Digital also released the actual numbers, including monthly listeners and monthly downloads.

Despite the shake-up, LiSTNR’s Hamish & Andy held onto the top spot. The podcast had both the highest number of monthly listeners (919,057) and downloads (2,074,274 downloads).

Audioboom/ iHeartPodcastNetwork’s Casefile True Crime, meanwhile, held onto #2 with 860,350 listeners and 1,993,779 downloads.

From #3 down, however, the rankings shifted with the new metric.

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Last month’s #3, The Kyle & Jackie O Show, past of the iHeartPocast Network would have held onto its position if it was ranked on downloads. The show had 1,618,321 downloads, the third highest. Its monthly listener number, however, was 290,541, placing it at #7.

Also taking a hit with the new metric was SEN Breakfast, last month at #10. This month, it was at #36 with 100,774 monthly listeners.

SEN Breakfast’s 877,067 downloads, however, would have put it in #8.

Rocketing up the charts this month was NOVA Entertainment Podcast Network’s It’s A Lot With Abbie Chatfield.

Last month, the podcast sat at #33, however this month it snuck into the top 10 with 245,629 listeners. Its download number of 526,381 places it it the top 15 for downloads.

The changes to the ranker didn’t massively impact the top publishers this month, with ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network on top in terms of monthly listeners (3,446,228) and downloads (12,115,530).

SCA’s LiSTNR held onto second thanks to 3,005,898 listeners and 9,769,810 downloads.

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