Are we there yet? The latest on K & J’s Melbourne start date


Another piece of the Melbourne FM Breakfast radio jigsaw has slotted into place, with March 8 the confirmed starting date for Jase & Lauren on Nova 100.

Which still leaves one gaping hole in the puzzle, and the same question on repeat:

When will Kyle & Jackie O go to air in Melbourne on KIIS?

When asked for its response, ARN confirmed to Radio Today it has no further updates on that for now.

It says K & J are still ‘coming soon.’

And perhaps even sooner than we think, if recent activity is anything to go by.

This includes commuters at Richmond train station – just a stone’s throw from ARN Melbourne headquarters – reportedly being greeted by people in KIIS t-shirts and handed flyers which read “Melbourne, are you ready to fall in love with a new breakfast show?”

And, when asked by a listener in early February about a potential starting date, Kyle Sandilands – whilst not offering anything specific – replied “Six weeks.”

Nova’s move to put former KIIS breakfast duo Jason & Lauren to air next Friday gives listeners a chance to sample the new brekky show ahead of Victoria’s Labour Day long weekend.

In an interview with our sister publication RadioInfo late last year, ARN Chief Content Officer Duncan Campbell said that one of the main challenges for 2024 would be ensuring that K & J’s Melbourne launch goes well.

“I don’t expect it to jump to Number 1, but I think it will do well in Melbourne and we’ll execute it really well.”

So, at the risk of sounding like a broken record … watch this space, Melbourne. K & J are coming soon.

As one radio listener drily observes: “So’s Christmas.”

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Neil Alexander
2 Mar 2024 - 12:50 pm

The show would probably start after the finale series of Australian Idol is aired….

2 Mar 2024 - 9:10 pm

I won’t be listening!!I was a kiis listener for years…loved the music, loved the breakfast and drive home shows, had it on at work too and the rest of the office listened to kiis..until December last year. Can’t stand kyle and have now switched to nova. I want a happy start to my day with someone who knows melbourne… and the others in the office have also switched.

4 Mar 2024 - 8:52 am

“The question everyone in Melbourne is asking”

The most embarrassing thing that KIIS Execs in Sydney don’t realise is that no one is asking this and no one really cares. Sure, when they start the show will be good and they’ll do ok.

But do they really think people are sitting around asking each other when a radio show starts?

6 Mar 2024 - 11:24 am

JM, it’s only ARN and Radio Today that really care here. Seems every KIIS listener in Melbourne have defected to Nova already.


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