Amanda Keller gets 30th wedding anniversary surprise and on-air quiz

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WSFM’s Amanda Keller is celebrating her 30th wedding anniversary, so her husband Harley Oliver surprised her by calling in to the show.

Oliver began by revealing to Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones that his wife had given him a card that morning with “nothing on it at all.”

“I think you’ve mistaken it for a blank piece of paper that I left next to it!” laughed Keller, who then recalled a time that her husband had once given her an anniversary card that was just a birthday card with ‘birthday’ scribbled out.

Keller also told a story about when he first met Keller. “You were auditioning for Beyond 2000 and they put in in a little mini-submarine. You were not very good on the water,” he said.

“Unfortunately you were vomiting out of the top of it!”

During the chat, Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones quizzed his co-host on just how well she knew her husband. “You’ve done dreadfully,” declared Jones after it was finished.

Listen to the full quiz below

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