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AirShr was launched to the industry back in 2015, this week they went silent.

Regionally it was trialled by Grant Broadcasters and Nova Entertainment with Nova 106.9 the first metro station to partner with AirShr but the radio sharing service has closed saying: “Unfortunately, and despite our very best efforts, AirShr has not achieved product / market fit.”

Developed by an Australian independent software company it allowed listeners to interact with listeners in real time. The company announced their closure yesterday on their website.


Unfortunately, and despite our very best efforts, AirShr has not achieved product / market fit. It’s for this reason, and with a heavy heart, that today we announce the closure of AirShr.

In 2013 we set out to change the way radio is consumed, shared and measured, transforming it from a broadcast to an interactive medium. For the first time, AirShr allowed listeners and broadcasters to interact with each other in real-time and we began paving the way for one of the world’s oldest mediums to advance into an exciting digital future.

We’ve seen founders dance around the reasons for closing their venture, we won’t. We failed. And in our world failure propels you forward.

The learning and experience in building AirShr as a marketplace business has been extraordinary. Here’s a snapshot of the knowledge we’ll be carrying forward into our next chapter:

  1. Have conviction around your vision. It will help you overcome skeptics and create magic.
  2. Always surround yourself with outstanding people
  3. Telling the truth matters, especially if it is unpalatable
  4. Industriousness, intrinsic curiosity and strong values are the most important traits
  5. If people don’t see the future, build a product to convince them otherwise
  6. If an industry doesn’t feel they have a need to change, they won’t (…until it’s too late)
  7. There are people who work each day to push their industry forward with a desire to innovate. They are your partners.
  8. Be global from day one but start small, dial in the product and proposition and then scale.

To Grant Broadcasters, Nova Entertainment and the thousands people who pressed an AirShr button to save a moment on radio, you showed the world what’s possible, thank you.

We are immensely grateful to our families, friends, team-mates and investors. Each and every one of you helped in the creation of a future that we were fully invested in bringing to life. We never expected to thank you this way, and it’s heart-breaking to us that this chapter ends this way.

This will be the last time we communicate with you as AirShr’s founders. Thank you again for everything. We wish you and your family a safe and happy festive season and beyond.

If you’d like to stay in touch, connect with us on LinkedIn.

Phil and Opher

P.S. We’re also thinking about releasing a podcast series rich with our how-to, should-do and don’t-do learnings as we built and launched AirShr to large Australian radio audiences. If you’re interested in hearing our podcast,leave your email address here.


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