AI, podcasting & attracting youth to radio: Compelling sessions at Radiodays Europe 2024


It’s full steam ahead at Radiodays Europe 2024, with the role of radio in the car up for discussion on day 3 of the conference in Munich.

It’s a crucial topic for the radio industry, with attendees to be brought up to speed on what broadcasters are proposing to design a secure future for radio content in the automotive setting.

They’ll also find out how the radio industry can work optimally with manufacturers who imagine the future of on-board entertainment.

Speakers include Gwendolin Niehues from German broadcasting network ARD, representing the unit which is responsible for partnerships and distribution of audio and voice products.

Niehues is an expert in automotive strategy and distribution, ensuring the availability and prominence of content in today’s and tomorrow’s cars.

Monday’s opening session saw conference General Manager Peter Niegel cover topics including AI, technology, podcasting and attracting more young people to radio.

Subsequent sessions also addressed the challenge of bringing youth back to radio as both listeners and presenters.

Former CADA GM Emily Copeland (main photo) hosted a session called Revolutionising the Search for Radio Talent with German program director of 98.8 Kiss FM York Strempel.

This was followed by Head of BBC Radio 1 Aled Haydn Jones and What Gen Z Want From Radio.

Copeland had compiled some interesting statistics she’d gathered prior to the launch of CADA almost two years ago. They were that Gen Z:

Felt overlooked by mainstream media

Are always searching for content

Dislike ads but don’t hate advertising

Enjoy live radio and participation

Trust certain content creators more than traditional media

Can find commercial radio anxiety inducing

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