CRA issues statement on future of the ACRAs

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Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has conceded the future format of the Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs) is under review as Sydney’s COVID-19 crisis barrels on.

Last year’s awards were called off altogether, with the promise the 2021 event would be bigger and better than ever, and cover two years of work.

The 2021 event is due to take place in two months’ time in Sydney, however with record COVID-19 case numbers, numerous Local Government Areas (LGAs) in super strict lockdowns and a ban on indoor gatherings, the event’s usual format is looking increasingly untenable.

After (somewhat persistent) questions from Radio Today, CRA has now revealed the event will go ahead, however the format has not yet been decided.

“Given the unfolding COVID situation, we are continuing to monitor public health orders and are working on a number of options for the 2021 Australian Commercial Radio Awards,” a spokesperson told Radio Today this afternoon.

“The ACRAs will be awarded this year, but the final form of the event is still under consideration.”

CRA said finalists will be revealed in September and an announcement about the event’s format and structure would be made soon.

“We know radio industry staff have put in a colossal effort over the past two years so we want to make sure the hard work and successes are recognised,” CRA said.

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26 Aug 2021 - 4:45 pm

“After (somewhat persistent) questions from Radio Today, CRA has now revealed the event will go ahead, however the format has not yet been decided.”

Or did you just open Joan’s email that everyone got today?

    26 Aug 2021 - 4:57 pm

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your snarky question.

    I asked CRA about this on the 9th of August at 4:16pm, with a follow-up on the 10th at 4:07pm.

    I reignited the conversation on Tuesday, 24th August at 5:49pm, and again followed up yesterday at 2:00pm, and again today at 12:18pm, and again at 12:54pm.

    Given this persistent pestering from me, I suspect CRA knew I would be doing a story (as I also mentioned it on our podcast the other week) and had a comms plan in place including Joan’s email.

    Does any of this matter though? If you read it from Joan, bully for you! And if you read it here, you get the same information.

    Everyone’s a winner!

    Vivienne – Radio Today

26 Aug 2021 - 6:28 pm

Bloody hell, I like it when Viv spices shit up in the comments!

27 Aug 2021 - 6:54 am

Have it here on the GC??

27 Aug 2021 - 8:53 am

Nobody cares about the ACRAs because it is really just for the benefit of newbies in the industry to brown nose with some programmers.

27 Aug 2021 - 9:21 am

We saw last year that streamed award ceremonies are very possible to put on.

CRA can easily do this to recognise and reward the amazing work the radio industry has done during the pandemic.

You’d think an audio industry body would perhaps even look at this an an opportunity to flex it’s supposed audio story telling muscles!

But CRA clearly have zero interest in doing so. The ACRAs are a money-making exercise. If they can’t charge people $$$ to attend, they are not interested.

27 Aug 2021 - 10:09 am

@Truth, wrong, they’re mainly for getting absolutely plastered at for free.

27 Aug 2021 - 10:50 am

Sure, streaming the ACRAs is an option but I feel like doing coke in my own bathroom at home will just be sad.

28 Aug 2021 - 9:48 am

I’d be fine with having it online…but can we have a finalist list already?

Radio fan
23 Sep 2021 - 12:42 pm

Well, we’re almost through September.

Why does CRA stuff around with this so much every year?


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