ABC to face legal action over branding change

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With the ABC’s recent announcement that it will rebrand it’s ABC Local Radio stations away from a frequency branding to a city branding, that is in Brisbane for example, 612 ABC will become ABC Radio Brisbane, the Adelaide market has posed a challenge.

The long-standing community station ‘Radio Adelaide’ has said it wil ltake legal action to prevent 891 ABC from branding as ‘ABC Radio Adelaide’.

Radio Adelaide’s chairman Iain Evans has told the Adelaide Advertiser:

“My message to the ABC is they can get stuffed. Radio Adelaide has been built up by volunteers over 43 years, it’s in the radio space, everyone at the ABC knew there was already a station called Radio Adelaide operating in Adelaide.

The lawyer’s letters have already gone and we’ll be standing up to preserve the Radio Adelaide name, for the ABC to beat up on what is a volunteer-run community radio station is just breathtakingly arrogant.”

He went on to say that he was confident about their legal position:

“We think we’ve got a good case legally, the fact we have been in the marketplace for 43 years … and we’re in the same radio space as the ABC.

“The ABC have a bigger budget than Radio Adelaide, they’ll be able to promote themselves significantly more than Radio Adelaide and they have a huge market advantage.

“They’ll spend more on marketing than we will so naturally it’s going to affect our market share.”

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