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Next week, 96five's Liam , Robbie and Ness are broadcasting an entire week of shows live from third world Tanzania.

Many shows have done live inter-continental shows before, but not under these conditions.

A full week of shows, live from hospitals that give locals eyesight restoring operations. The guys will not only see the operations take place but the bandages come off a day later to see  people's sight restored.

How do you pack for a trip like this?


3 tech cases of gear, 7 microphones, 200 batteries and a swag of half size cauflutes to brand the broadcast sight. Not that the locals will have any clue who the team are.

It’s all part of charity CBMs Miracles day next week, where Australian families will be encouraged to donate $32 to restore sight.

Liam, Robbie and Ness have taken it upon themselves to be Australia's cultural ambassadors and sing to the kids in hospital before and after their operations with this traditional Aussie tune.

How did they go?



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