81% of listeners take action as a result of in-podcast advertising

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Podcast advertising is a burgeoning area for brands to reach consumers, with a new report suggesting that audio ads during a podcast are particularly effective.

A new report by Spotify For Brands says that 81% of podcast listeners have taken action as a result of listening to audio ads during a podcast.

“Unlike many other forms of media, there is no such thing as a passive podcast listener,” says Spotify.

“Many podcasts encourage listeners to deep dive into topics they’ve actively chosen to engage with — which means podcasts offer that “holy grail” moment for brands to reach their target audience.”

The top actions as a result of engaging with audio ads during a podcast are:

  • Researching a product online
  • Connecting with a brand on social media
  • Talking with a brand about others.

Report respondents even said that advertisements provide a welcome break during longer shows, providing a break from active listening.

The effectiveness of in-podcast advertising is clearly to do with the fact that people tune in to podcasts because they want to absorb information.

The Spotify report found that 60% of listeners tune in to educate themselves.

“Podcast [listening] is a very ‘lean-in’ activity,” says chief operating officer of National Public Media Bryan Moffett. “Someone tunes in because they want to listen and want to absorb it.”

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