4KQ breakfast team finds new home at 4BC

Laurel EdwardsGary Clare and Mark Hine are bringing their top-rating breakfast show – Good Times and Great Hits – to Brisbane’s 4BC 882 from 5.30 am on Monday, July 11.

Current Breakfast host Neil Breen is moving to the Drive shift with his new show Brisbane Live, while Scott Emerson will take up a new role as political contributor across 4BC and Nine Radio’s other talk stations.

Content Manager Max Dudley is happy with the deepening community connection the additions bring to 4BC.

“We now have an even stronger local lineup with deeper connections to our audience, through Laurel, Gary and Mark, Ray Hadley in Mornings, Sofie Formica in Afternoons and Neil Breen in Drive,” said Dudley.

Laurel Edwards, who recently clocked up three decades on Brisbane Breakfast airwaves – an Australian radio record – is thrilled to join the 4BC family.

“Back in primary school, 4BC’s Murray Shoring visited to give a presentation about radio, and that’s when I knew I wanted to be an announcer,” said Laurel.

“This is a station with such a great Brisbane legacy, and it’s a privilege to be welcomed here, wherever our new and old listeners are tuning in from. It’s a full-circle moment for me, and to be doing breakfast with my radio brothers Mark and Gary is an absolute dream. I’m so excited!”

New Drive host Neil Breen welcomes the latest editions to 4BC with open arms.

“I think it’s a masterstroke to bring Laurel, Gary and Mark to 4BC. I’m happy to hand them the alarm clock and I can’t wait to get cracking on my new Drive show. How good!”

4BC’s new lineup featuring Breakfast with Laurel, Gary and Mark debuts next Monday, July 11.

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5 Jul 2022 - 9:25 am

I was elated to hear this yesterday, the only problem is, will they gain a chop ‘n change audience, because their audience is not the sort for talkback, its why were on 4kq in first place, I’ll have em on in the car, but not at work, even though we are there from 7am, becasue it’ll be a PITA changing station at 9am every day, we have ZERO interest in excessice self gloating, thats why we changed to 4kq from MMM, too much self indulgent BS, and we already have ABC for talk back too.

Colin Ross
5 Jul 2022 - 11:53 am

I thought that this was a joke when i heard it yesterday bringing 3 people over from a 24 hour music station to a 24 hour talkback station and asking them to be across current affairs,politics an sports,it just wont work Im afraid, 4BC’s listeners are totally different from the old 4KQ chatter, they want people there who know what they are talking about like Neil Breen and Scott Emmerson not someone who’s never done it before..I for one will be turning 4BC off for good and go elsewhere..Whoever thought that this will be a masterstroke has rocks in their heads..you would have to give them 12 months tops because 4BC churn staff over like its going out of fashion..the ratings will find them out..Crazy stuff Just Crazy.

Really, that photo?
5 Jul 2022 - 6:59 pm

Very happy for them, but this photo. Male presenter pretending to grab the butt of a female presenter. No red flags on that one? In this climate.

Yes boomers, I am a snowflake.
But prove to me you can convert something to a PDF then judge me.

Peter Alfred Hitchens
6 Jul 2022 - 7:54 am

A great addition and combination to complete a Top radio station ,well done management. Peter

Chris Williamson
6 Jul 2022 - 10:51 am

Unhappy to see the change.
I enjoy Neil Breen and unable to hear him at drive time.
Not sure about the ex 4KQ being talkback
I’ll give them a chance but I hope they will not try to be funny.
Good luck
Chris Williamson

Question Mark
6 Jul 2022 - 12:32 pm

This is great news for Laurel and Co! However it will be interesting to see if Nine Radio “encourages” Laurel to give up her work with Seven as they did with other presenters including Steve Price who chose the Project over Nine Radio.

Ned Gokram
7 Jul 2022 - 6:01 am

What is happening in this photo? Inappropriate today, perhaps it is time to grow up and move away from the 1970s

Radio Birdman
7 Jul 2022 - 7:58 am

Hmmm, mixed feelings about this move.

Whilst it’s great to continue 4KQ’s legacy with LGM going to 4BC and Bob Gallagher on sister station 4BH, I can’t help thinking that the 4BC/LGM pairing is, to put it lightly, a mismatch?

I enjoyed Neil Breen’s breakfast show and as another comment above indicates, it’s going to be difficult to listen to him in drive. He espoused the talkback, news & current affairs that have long been 4BC hallmarks. I’m just not sure that LMG’s light entertainment style is well suited to 4BC’s format. It spells a mismatch to me and could possibly alienate 4BC’s traditional audience, who are obviously used to more serious content than what LMG provide.

However, from 4BC’s perspective, it is probably a ratings bonanza. LMG had a huge breakfast share and former 4KQ listeners will tune into 4BC breakfast in droves, most likely switching to 4BH for mornings.

As an avid listener of both 4BC and the former 4KQ, I do wish LMG well and hope that they keep the 4KQ legacy alive. I also wish Bob Gallagher well in his new breakfast show at 4BH.

But I will miss Neil Breen at breakfast and the more serious news content he provided.

It will be interesting to see if future ratings determine whether 4BC’s breakfast share remains static, due to balancing out between 4BC leavers and ex-4KQ joiners or whether there will be sufficient 4BC listeners interested enough in LMG to boost their breakfast ratings. I guess we shall see in the next few months.

Another thought arises – is LMG’s move to 4BC a ‘back door’ way for them to transition to 4BH breakfast (especially if Bob Gallagher’s show doesn’t rate well)? Obviously, if it doesn’t, it’s going to be much easier for LMG to move to 4BH – a sister station and one which happens to be more of a natural home for them than 4BC. Watch this space.

The Number Cruncher
9 Jul 2022 - 10:13 am

Whether Laurel, Gary and Mark are a success or not on 4BC will be gauged by the ratings. Neil Breen finished on 8% in s4. Anything less than 8% for the new, more expensive show must be considered a failure.

Tim Barker
10 Jul 2022 - 1:44 pm

Made my choice – 4BH. I hate all the sports crap
I tried 4 BC and was lmmdiatly sport bombarded with sports crap. Fine let the sports freaks listen to 4 BC.
Don’t forget it was a sports station which cost us 4KQ.
PS. I like grown up sports, hang gliding and ice hockey

    Staff Writer
    12 Jul 2022 - 5:20 pm

    Umm, I think you may have your Bs and Qs mixed up, along with some Cs and Hs.BC has some sport but mainly news and talkback and now they’ll have more music in their new breakfast show. SEN with their pure sports/talk format have taken over 4KQ. 4BH is a more of a pure music station. Whatever you choose, it’s Radio – enjoy! – Ed.

Rod Anderson
20 Jul 2022 - 2:33 pm

4bc have given the ABC a big boost what were they thinking of


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