3AW holds on to Melbourne in Survey 4

3AW has maintained its dominant grip on Melbourne in this morning’s Survey 4, despite showing losses in all time slots except Drive. 

The AM station dropped -0.7 to 14.6 in the 10+ category but still has a healthy lead on the next competitor and FM leader Gold 104.3

Gold 104.3 had a slight drop of -0.3 to 10.8 and also boasts one of the only shows to pass 3AW in any time slot. 

Weekday Afternoon’s host for Gold, Toni Tenaglia, is one of the previously mentioned shows to pass 3AW in a time slot. Her show rose 0.3 to find 12.7

3AW Afternoons fell -1.1 to 11.8 following the sudden axing of former host Dee Dee Dunleavy.

Nova 100 is other station besides Gold to pass 3AW in a time slot this survey, with Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel’s national Drive show jumping 2.1 to hit 11.5 and just squeeze past 3AW’s Drive by 0.1.


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In terms of Breakfast, 3AW is 10 beyond the closest competition, but the FM stations are all quite close now. 

The Christian O’Connell Show’s -1.0 loss in the Breakfast slot has brought the show into dangerous territory, as it is now only 0.2 ahead of The Fox 101.9’s Fifi, Fev & Nick’s 9.6.

Not far behind Fifi, Fev & Nick is 91.5 smoothfm’s Mike Perso and ABC Radio Melbourne’s Sammy J who both now sit at 8.9.

To see more detail, find the full Survey 4 results here. 

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11 Jul 2023 - 6:07 pm

Christian OConnel breakfast is now lower than the Gold overal not good at all.
Shows the strength is format not breakfast.


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