2GB’s Smith takes legal action as speculation turns to Denis Walter’s future

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2GB, 3AW, Macquarie Media

3AW’s Denis Walter may be the next host with his job on the line at Macquarie Media.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Chris Smith could be moved from Afternoons to Nights, in a straight swap with Steve Price.

That move would see 3AW take Price’s program in Melbourne, dumping current Afternoons host Walter.

Smith’s future was thought to be up in the air, after it was reported that the 2GB presenter stormed out of the Macquarie Media building on Monday (June 24).

According to the Tele, Smith was hauled into a management meeting to discuss his future at Macquarie.

Responding to Radio Today’s request for comment on Wednesday (June 26), Macquarie Media CEO Adam Lang was quick to hose down suggestions that Smith’s job was on the line.

“Chris Smith continued to broadcast on 2GB, 4BC and network stations [on Tuesday].

“While we do not comment on individual presenters and their agreements, Chris has addressed on air the claims made in a newspaper article today.

“The audio is available through our website.”

In that audio, Chris responded to the speculation over his future and poked holes in The Daily Telegraph’s original report.

“It’s a pretty long article, and it’s got its fair share of assumptions and inaccuracies.

“What I can tell you though, is that I am in discussion with management at the moment about my future and I really do hope to have some good news soon.

“But in the meantime, it is just business as usual.”

The latest Tele report claims that Smith has since called in lawyers to fight against being moved to nights, while Macquarie Media has reportedly launched an investigation into who leaked the story.

Smith remained on air on Thursday (June 27).

“I’ve got two final shows remaining until I jump aboard a giant kangaroo,” he said, starting his show.

“Then hopefully back in the saddle here.”

An interesting caveat is that Smith will fly overseas next week for a break, including a cruise from New York to London accompanied by about 100 his listeners.

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Poisonous Dwarf
27 Jun 2019 - 8:10 pm

Not sure why Chris Smith would get “legal” with this.
Team Tate don’t want you on afternoons.Take it and move on.

28 Jun 2019 - 12:29 pm

Chris Smith is off “sick” again today. Just like he was off “sick” earlier in the week.

Mike Fox
28 Jun 2019 - 7:08 pm

Change Smithy’s time slot and you will lose a large amount of your listeners in Queensland on 4BC. He is one of the best and my household listened to him every weekday, if he goes WE go. Hope he tells you to SHOVE it and come back to Queensland where he would be welcome.

28 Jun 2019 - 9:13 pm

Sadly, chris smith just doesn’t have the same engagement, knowledge and presence as the two hosts before him. He falls flat and waffles. He’ll be perfect for the night time slot, I won’t need my sleep tea!

29 Jun 2019 - 9:56 am

Leave Chris in the afternoon slot he is fantastic . Chris is one of the best you have on your station. I switch on 12.09pm every weekday .. with about 30 staff in my workplace who think the same. Big mistake if you move him to another slot. Please keep him!

Barbara Harvey
4 Jul 2019 - 9:05 pm

Shame on 2GB Management for the recent debacle relating to Chris Smith.
Why on earth would you even consider changing such a wonderful selection of radio hosts.
From Alan Jones to Ben Fordham, Radio 2GB is number 1 in my household.
I cannot see Steve Price in daytime radio at all. He holds no appeal for me at all.
If Chris goes, my radio is tuned elsewhere from 12 noon.

For goodness sake, put someone in control at 2GB who has a bit of commonsense.
Someone who takes notice of the ratings and the public opinion.

Denis James
8 Jul 2019 - 10:21 am

Sad day Chris is the Best 2GB has he beats Hadley hands down who only sits there and reads us the Paper or watches Golf he is just Boring. I switch to John Laws. I love listening to Chris Smith he has something different every day and I never miss him. So where do I go now, Follow Chris I guess.

James fitzsimmons
23 Jul 2019 - 2:27 pm

Chris came across as a decent family man, who doted on his kids…well he loves them. He pretty much reflected the thought of Messers Jones and Hadly, but they do the same. He did waffle a bit, but why not. With every waffle you will find syrup. Still 2gb is the best in shock jocks, but that’s all they know. Hope he is offered a new time slot and stay, but I will say the only time I would listen would be within toilet pit stops at night.

Marilyn Reynolds
16 Aug 2019 - 4:23 pm

Just tuned in this week as I m off sick Didn’t even notice he (Chris S ) wasn’t onWow! Whats the old saying No one is irreplaceable Good luck Chrissi you have a young pretty wife and several children to support,but with your personality you must be surrounded by your devoted listeners.


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