2023 Radio Today Podcast Awards: Meet our entrants


Today – in no particular order – we introduce the first of our entrants in the 2023 Radio Today Podcast Awards.

Below we have some of the very talented contenders for Podcast Audio Producer of the Year, one of dozens of categories you can enter.

Have you submitted your entry yet? Hurry, entries close soon.  Register here for all the details. Registration is free.

Jasper Leak

Category: Podcast Audio Producer of the Year

During his time at The Australian and CrimeX in the last 12 months, Jasper has worked as Audio Producer/Editor on various shows including Head Noise, The Front, The Teachers Trial, Shandees Legacy, Mothers Guilt & Crim City.

The shows have raised awareness around a multitude of issues like head trauma in contact sports, social & current affairs, Australia’s judicial system & crime.

Jacob says “My hope is that my passionate and holistic approach to podcast production is why I should be considered for Podcast Audio Producer of the Year award.”

Alex Cox

Category: Podcast Audio Producer of the Year

Alex composed the original score/sound-design for the six-part podcast series Our Forgotten Epidemic, about Aotearoa New Zealand’s response to HIV and AIDS for Burnett Foundation Aotearoa (previously the New Zealand AIDS Foundation).

He also delivered the final audio mix of the entire series and for much of the project took on the role of dialogue engineer, post-production audio engineer.

Alex says “It would mean SO much to me to be recognised for my contribution to this project because I threw my heart and soul into making it the best it could possibly be.”

“I am deeply passionate about sound design, music, and the impact they can have in helping to deliver narrative.”

Tina Matolov

Category: Podcast Audio Producer of the Year

As an Audio Drama Series Producer, Tina says she has definitely stretched the boundaries of her creativity.

The most recent series she produced, a 6-part crime-fiction thriller podcast called You Don’t Know Me, was a strong testament to that.

“In my role as Series Producer, I touch every aspect of the production process from pre to post production. I develop a strong narrative backbone for the series, script natural dialogue, record audio, direct actors in studio, edit multiple layers of vocal tracks and create unique sound design approaches; all to produce content to the highest standard and in an innovative way,” Tina says.

Dom Evans

Category: Podcast Audio Producer of the Year

During the judging period, Dom has produced a number of high-end narrative series including ‘In Good Health’ for VicHealth,So Watt?’ for Origin Energy, and ‘One Minute Remaining – Stories From The Inmates.’

“Although I am an Audio Producer by trade, I’ve always seen myself as sitting at the intersection of content and production – an area I’ve found profound success in due to my ability to have an impact on the finished product,” Dom says.

“When I’m working on sound design for a podcast, it’s not unusual for me to listen to a musical interlude, pause, edit or sequence dozens of times to ensure it’s the absolute best version it can be.”

Andrea Thiis-Evensen

Category: Podcast Audio Producer of the year

Andrea Thiis-Evensen has been working in the NewsCast team for almost three years, and was promoted to Audio Investigations Producer in December 2022, and then Supervising Producer in April 2023.

In the last year alone, Andrea has produced five investigative podcasts for True Crime Australia including Bikies Inc, Mother’s Guilt, Predatory and Faith on Trial: Hillsong.

Andrea has spent that time working with senior journalists, in many cases helping them produce their first podcasts.

Nina Young

Category: Podcast Audio Producer of the Year

Nina has been the producer of the I Catch Killers podcast for 18 months. She says “In that time we’ve seen an increase in listens of over 50 percent, we’ve expanded from a show that was once just about cops and created something much more unique and important in an overcrowded true crime market.”

Nina says her strategy as a producer is never to go for fast wins, short cuts and gimmicks.

“I firmly believe content is king and when you make high-quality content, the audience will follow. Though we have now grown to a million downloads a month, the main focus is to stay fresh and to always keep the audience engaged and enthralled.”

“I am constantly analysing our episodes and guest order to make sure we have the right mix that is on-brand, diverse and above all else, entertaining.”

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28 May 2023 - 1:22 pm

I will be very curious to see the results of this category because there is no doubt that it should be awarded to a woman

29 May 2023 - 12:17 pm

I expect the majority of the awards will rightly go to women unless there is blatant sexism in the judging

30 May 2023 - 2:10 pm

I reckon the above comments were written by men to try and stir the pot. Trash. The best person will win, so wonderful there’s representation in the categories. Well done team!


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