2 Girls 3 Cats: One stop cat podcast

If you love cats and you love podcasts, then look no further, Jenna Benson and Samantha Clarke have the podcast for you, it’s called, 2 Girls 3 Cats

Releasing five episodes today, the new iHeartRadio podcast talks everything cats. Episode topics include: 

  • Why are black cats considered unlucky? 
  • Do you have any cat tattoos? 
  • Do you have a ‘chicken cat’ or a ‘fish cat’?

Speaking with Jonesy and Amanda this morning, Jenna spoke about her newfound love for cats, which turned out to be a surprise love she didn’t see coming. 

“She’s changed so much for me. When I’m home and lonely, or not in a great mood, she just instantly lifts me up,” said Jenna.

“Sam Clake, who is actually married to Ugly Phil, she’s also on the podcast.

“We just chat about cats. We are not vets and we are not experts… we are cat lovers.”

Featuring guests in episodes along the way, listen to 2 Girls 3 Cats on iHeart here.

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radio guy
4 Nov 2022 - 9:20 am

Jenna and Sam’s chemistry is electrifying. I love it! A great podcast for everybody even if you don’t have cats.


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