10 Questions with Dylan Lewis

Dylan Lewis teamed up with Shane Lowe in 2012 to become Nova 919 Adelaide’s breakfast team ‘Lewis & Lowe.’

Now with the addition of Hayley Pearson, the trio continue to enjoy survey success as the city’s most listened to breakfast show. Whenever he’s away from the studio, the two-time ACRA winner enjoys pursuing his other talent – music.

In between juggling, singing in a male choir and practising the accordion, Dylan answered Radio Today’s 10 Questions.

  • Where did the ‘journey’ begin for you?

When I was at high school I remember, we tried to start a school radio station up. I was going to be the first guy to do it. I wrote a script, chose music, and I even had music beds to talk over (Beastie Boys beats!). The school radio never took off as I was the only one interested. That was probably the seed which then lay dormant for a few years until the opportunity would rise again. Then I had an accidental show when I was doing the telly show Pepsi Live (pre-recorded). Then I did a stint on Triple J (mid-dawns, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day!). Then Nova…for the last 10 and a half years!

  • What drew you to radio?

I love music. Radio plays music. And I love people. I love that everyone has a story to tell and we can all learn from each other and grow as people if we share these stories. I also love the idea of making people feel happy or positive, and I’ve always thought radio was really good at doing this (from years of listening to radio and loving it).

  • Was there any ONE (or many) person/people who inspired you?

Growing up I listened to Maynard F# Crabbes on triple j. He was fun and lively and had a trombone in his studio which he couldn’t play. I think he accidentally inspired me quite a bit. I also loved the Goon Show. Even though I’m not 80, I used to tune in on my little AM tranny and find old recordings of the Goon Show and laugh out loud when I was supposed to be going to sleep. That show introduced me to the idea of radio theatre.

Teachers and family members also obviously inspired me.

And Yoda, Kate Bush and Bob Marley were also big influences…but that’s another story.

  • What’s the one piece of advice you were given … that you can pass along?

I know it sounds obvious, but it’s quite hard…find your voice. It only really happens with me by having experience. And I’m still searching for it I think. Of course, it evolves as I grow, but it doesn’t come naturally to many people I don’t think. It’s about knowing who you are and what you stand for, coupled with not copying others.

  • What keeps you getting up an at ungodly hour to do brekkie?

I have a good coffee machine next to my microphone. It’s my first thought when the alarm goes off. Oh, and also I love my team and I love our listeners. But shit that coffee machine is ace!

  • Have you had a ‘fan boy’ moment in terms of a guest or interview?

Yes. Noel Fielding. British comedian who made The Mighty Boosh. I love his brand of arty comedy so much, it really changed my perspective on comedy. So, when he came in for an interview I got him to draw his signature skull on my arm. Then I went straight to the tattooist and made it permanent. I’ve never done anything as fan-ish as that before! A couple of days later I saw him perform and met him afterwards. I showed him the tat and he was shocked and amazed…and probably has a restraining order against at me now!

  • You hosted the Recovery special with Jane Gazzo last year .. any yearning to return to TV?

Yes. Always. Without losing radio of course. I’ve always wanted to work on another good music show and this country needs one badly. I’d also love to make some music based documentaries. And I’ve always dreamed of a world where I can work on a telly show which is also broadcast on radio and streamed online…from space. I want to bring all mediums together. Some day!

  • Away from the studio, how do you relax/unwind etc?

Writing music. Playing music. Listening to music. And a tiny bit of exercise. And then more music. And fidget spinners. And juggling. And Pokemoning.

  • What’s with Pokemon and Pokemon battles – what level are you??

Don’t even get me started. Too late. I’ve started. I’m about to level up to 34…which is amazing. Cheers. I only have a few ‘Mons left to catch, but I won’t stop when I have them all. It’s a lifestyle, not just a hobby. And yes, my wife and kids hate it. Soooo…

  • What do you want to do when you ‘grow up’.

I’m not going to grow up. But I still have lots to do…like writing kids’ books, making more music with my Manchoir and my new band for kids and another project I’m working on. Plus of course the music documentaries, telly shows and plenty more radio. And I’m finally learning how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. And I’m trying to learn breakdancing. And I want to learn Spanish. And how to play the cello. And harp. And lots more.

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I’m Happily Exhausted by your enthusiasm and glad a bit of it has washed off!

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