Younger Audiences Hate Ads More Than You Do


According to a new global media habits study from Kantar Millward Brown, if you think your audience hates advertising now, just wait. It is about to get a lot worse.

The study spanned 39 countries and 23,907 interviews, including populations representing Gen X (35–49), Gen Y (20–34) and Gen Z (16–19).


Misunderstood: the relationship between success and failure?

My understanding of success and failure has been wrong. For as long as I can remember my beliefs about success and failure have been inaccurate, or at the very least incomplete. I have been living with a huge misconception about the relationship between success and failure. Recently though, I had a moment of realization. I have been working on a project that has seen me spending time with people whom have achieved peak performance; entrepreneurs, business leaders, content creators and more. I was in search of their success stories, and most importantly what their journeys had taught them about success.


Here's How Radio Gets More Important In Cars

I have written extensively about the challenges radio will have in cars with a dashboard which is built to sync with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. I have also written a lot about what happens to radio when cars drive themselves (hint: It gets ugly).

But there’s another force out there and it’s a force in the other direction.


7 Ways to Gain Listener Credibility

In many ways, we tell our listeners what we think of them.  They can sense it when we think of them as a large mass of audience, used to provide an object for our own brilliance. They feel it when we sound like we’re begging them for attention, clinging to a hope that they will actually respond.


Radio Lessons #48 – Carpool Karaoke

As with all overnight successes, it didn’t happen overnight for James Corden.


AM to FM: Throwing Listeners under the Bus

I’m sure that many regional radio owners in Australia could barely hide their smiles when the prospect of converting their AM stations to FM was first raised.


What does tomorrow’s winning CD look like?

I had the fortune of talking to a group of aspiring leaders, coaches and content creators while on a recent trip in Europe. I had been given a brief that was equal parts simple and refreshing. The executive team had made the observation that we (‘we’ being the radio industry) seem to only recognize great programmers by their level of technical knowledge and experience and they felt that was a significant short coming. The executive team felt that their content creators were putting far too much emphasis on practical know how. They simply no longer believed that technical knowledge and experience was enough to propel their business forward. I thought it was an astute observation. On reflection I am sure it seems somewhat obvious too but, how many times have we simply promoted someone to be a CD because they have experience of radio programming? During a conversation, one of the executives said “If we keep emphasizing technical knowledge as the prerequisite for our managers we can kåiss goodbye to innovation”. That is a powerful statement.


Good book or bad book? Celebrate or Commiserate?

I've never become comfortable around ratings releases. After nearly two decades I thought I would have acclimatized just a little, but no. I start feeling anxious days ahead of the release. I often don't sleep well - if at all - in the days leading up to ratings. An uncomfortable mix of excitement and trepidation consumes me. The pressure builds inside me as if I'm a bottle of pop that has been vigorously shaken up. When the data has eventually downloaded it is like someone has finally twisted open the lid, and the pressure is released. Whatever the result happens to be is almost a blessing compared to the anticipation of what the result could be.


How to Make A Great Impression on Facebook Live

As a personality brand, you know how important it is to create a connection with your audience. It’s what we do on the air every day, and what we strive to do online and via social media.


Brad McNally - the Exit Interview

Brad McNallyFollowing his recent retirement from radio for health reasons, Dave Charles spoke to commercial radio veteran Brad McNally. Dave picks up the story:

Dave Charles: Brad McNally is retiring from radio. Brad, as most of you may know, had a brain tumour removed and has decided to retire from his active radio work to focus on his health.

Brad is now based in Perth with his wife Marg and their famous cat, Louie. 


Hope Media has a vacancy for a Content Director - Sydney.  Details


Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Drive Show Producer for Fiveaa Adelaide. Details


Grant Broadcasters has a vacancy for an Infrastructure & Development Manager - Digital Media. Details.


C91.3 in South-West Sydney & Macarthur have two vacancies for Journalists. Details.



Hope Media in Sydney has a vacancy for a Producer for the Open House program. Details.



SCA has a vacancy for a Breakfast Producer - Central Coast. Details.


97.3 Coast FM Mandurah is looking for a Music Director/Announcer. Details.




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SCA has a vacancy for an Announcer/Music Director in Newcastle.  Details.


Fresh 92.7 Adelaide is looking for a Sales Coordinator . Details.



Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Technology Manager. - Adelaide. Details.


Tasmanian Broadcasters has a vacancy for a Journalist / News Presenter - Hobart. Details.


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