Wollongong Survey #1 2015

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Wollongong’s first survey for 2015 has been released.  

The survey shows that i98  is the number 1 most listened to station with a 25.1%  10+; ABC Illawarra is second with 16.2% and Wave FM is third, recording a 15.4% slice.

Overall 10 plus, i98 is the only station to gain ground from their last results. I98 is up 1.3 points. The ABC lost an even 2 and Wave FM lost .6 overall.


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In the demo’s i98 dominates anyone under 55. While taking a 7 point hit in 25 to 39’s, i98 still holds over 34% of the demo. Grants Wave FM secures Commercial Station 55-64’s and in 40-54’s they have 21.5%  with i98 a 29.4.

I98’s dominance continues into the dayparts as well. While breakfast for the station is down 2 points, 22.8% is pretty darn good. The nearest competitor is the ABC with 17.9  and Wave FM a 15.4, up point 5 on last round. Outside of breakfast i98 has nice increases in every shift.

Cumulative audience wise, the picture sees i98 hold 97800, Wave FM 72500 and the ABC 60200 ten plus.

Wave FM, I98 FM and the ABC have all been part of the 2015 radio audience research conducted by Xtra Research which involved more than 1000 respondents between 6 – 23 October 2015.


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