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As the New Year rolled over, we’ve been asking for your feedback on Radio Today and it’s been bloody great!

Thanks to everyone who helped out. Look out for changes to Radio Today in the coming weeks.

We had an iPad Mini up for grabs for answering the question:  “What do you think are the most important issues for radio in the next 12 months that Radio Today should be covering?”

It was a tough one, but there can only be one winner – below is the Answer Judged Best by our esteemed panel members.

Luke congrats, an iPad Mini will be shipped your way.



Here is the text version as well:

Human Resources and Change are the most serious obstacles for radio in the next 12+ months.    Radio is still not hiring the RIGHT people. Radio needs to be hiring great young talent out of universities and business schools, technology experts, as well as talent found in 'comedy clubs'. Until then, radio is fielding a less than fully competitive team. Radio is losing the industry innovators of tomorrow, to the "best companies to work for" i.e. tech companies. Radio is no longer the glitzy, compelling career choice it once was.    Radio has NO solid HR strategy, no management recruitment strategy, no professional development for staff, no retention strategy and most alarming, no training ground that is actually keeping up with change within the industry. Therefore, radio is losing key A+ talent to other industries where their talents and smarts are utilised.     Radio is losing the technology battle and is being eclipsed by new media platforms such as music subscription services, online radio platforms and on demand services. A battle that the industry will continue to lose if it doesn't attract and retain the best people.     In summary, I believe that RadioToday should provide content and articles that drive discussion of the above. Too often the industry discusses finding the next best on-air talent from "Reality TV", "Comedy Clubs" and "Podcasts" – so narrow minded. The REAL talent of the radio industry is no longer found there. You can find them at "Google", "Facebook", "BuzzFeed" or working on their own technology start-up.       RadioToday, be the voice for the change, we collectively, need to see in the industry.

The Winner:  Luke Gemmill



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