Will and Woody’s almost Huey sushi catastrophe

If KIIS FM’s drive duo Will McMahon and Woody Whitelaw ever get bored with radio, then they could have a future in sushi.

Will and Woody have launched their very own Sushi Sushi hand roll, which will be sold in 135 stores around the country until mid-April.

But the launch of their ‘Wok n’ Woll’ was almost a disaster after the duo got Ian Hewitson aka. Huey from Huey’s Cooking Adventures on the show to blind taste test the roll.

What they didn’t know was that Huey is allergic to crustaceans, and just before he did a blind taste test a woman ran into the studio yelling “stop” and pointed out that there might be traces of the food in the roll.

Despite making light of the situation initially, Huey then told the boys that he could have died if he’d copped any crustacean in the roll.

Huey takes the first Wok 'n' Woll taste test!

Another twist in the sushi tale! You won't guess what happens when celebrity chef Huey (of Huey's Cooking Adventures) becomes the first person to taste our sushi roll.Will 'n' Woody's "Wok 'n' Woll" will be weleased TOMORROW in Sushi Sushi's nationwide. Available for one month only!

Posted by Will and Woody on Monday, 19 March 2018

Will and Woody’s ‘Wok n’ Woll’ came about after McMahon discovered a new use for the little soy sauce fish container. The tail can be used to scoop wasabi onto a hand roll.

After tipping off the sushi chain to the discovery, they were challenged to create the best sushi hand roll ever. What followed was three weeks of product testing and innovation to create the ‘Wok ‘n Woll’.

It sounds interesting: a vegetable spring roll wrapped with lettuce, cucumber, koshihikari rice, sweet chilli sauce, whole egg mayonnaise and encased in Sushi Sushi’s signature nori.

“The opportunity to create the ‘Wok n’ Woll’ with Sushi Sushi was a dream come true,” says Woody.

Plenty of blood, sweat and soy sauce have gone into creating it.”

On-air partner Will McMahon jokes Sushi Sushi ‘owed them’ for their initial soy sauce fish-spatula discovery.

“After vigorous negotiation (where they probably came off second best), we now have our own roll. Let the wasabi tail wiping begin.” 

Supported by an on air promotional integration campaign, Will & Woody will document their journey to creating the ultimate hand roll across social media and will also feature in Sushi Sushi store posters.

For just $2.80 consumers can purchase the Wok n’ Woll at participating Sushi Sushi stores until Tuesday 17 April.

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22 Mar 2018 - 12:07 pm


22 Mar 2018 - 11:08 pm

Wok ‘n Woll?’ Weally?

The wok is a Chinese cooking vessel, not Japanese. Sushi is Japanese not Chinese. Sushi is predominately made with raw seafood and thus would not be cooked, let alone in a Chinese wok.

Australia radio – Racist and idiotic!

Let’s get literal
24 Mar 2018 - 10:51 am

@RSK….. there’s a spring roll in the middle of the sushi. Hence the combination of Chinese/Japanese.

For future reference, they don’t actually detonate a real bomb when they play “beat the bomb” on radio either.


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