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In the late 1990's the 96.9 frequency in Sydney was used for aspirant community broadcasters to show their case for a permanent community license.  

One of those was Wild FM, which was reasonably successful, although ultimately not granted a community license.

Wild's success was primarily because its niche dance position was at the time quite different to anything the commercial FM stations were providing. 

There was only four commercial FM stations in Sydney at that time, so understandably the music programming was centred on the mainstream, leaving an opportunity for a niche, 'guerilla' type format to make some market noise, particularly with younger demographics. 

Wild became a psuedo-commercial beast, ultimately to its detriment with the regulators, broadcasting from nightclubs, releasing CD's, and running commercials.

It is history now that Wild FM, as an aspirant broadcaster, missed out on the permanent community license, and the station ended when the 96.9 frequency was auctioned off and subsequently became Nova.

Now, Central Station Records are planning a relaunch of Wild FM, with a new Facebook page forecasting the iminent return of the station. It says;

"Wild FM is back after 12 years. We're embracing new technology to make the impossible, possible….stay tuned for launch updates and info. Time to go WILD!"

Clearly the station has no opportunity to be broadcast on the FM band, so it appears likely that they are planning a launch as an online station with a 'listen live' app. There is the outside possibillity that the Wild brand may return by coming to an arrangement of some sort to use an incumbent commercial broadcasters digital spectrum.

You can hear the promo teasing the relaunch of Wild here and see their Facebook page here.


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