Why digital content matters in radio


Visual content is king in today’s radio world. Now, success is achieved not just through what we hear, but what we see.

Creating marketable digital content plays a pivotal role in the way stations promote themselves. And Australians do love their digital content, going by the latest data.

Digital 2024: April Statshot reveals the latest social media and digital trends worldwide. The report is compiled by media monitoring giant Meltwater and creative agency We Are Social.

It found that, as well loving digital content, Australians are also happy to pay for it, especially video and music.

Other key findings include:

Whilst we’re spending less time on social media, our favourite platform is TikTok.

Gen Z favours social connection over passive video consumption, debunking the perception of “doom-scrolling.”

36.9% of Australians aged 16 to 64 pay for streaming music services compared to the global average of 22.5%.

Platform preferences vary significantly by age and gender. For instance, younger women are more likely to prefer Instagram over TikTok, while younger men also show a strong affinity for Instagram.

When it comes to using social media as a source of news, Australia is among the bottom seven countries on the list, at 27.3%.

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