What’s the biggest challenge for KIIS in Q1 2014?

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If you haven't yet seen the results and analysis from Survey 8, see it all here.

You can also see the press releases and the ups and downs.

During the day I caught up with Duncan Campbell, National Content Director for ARN.

Mark: Survey 8, end of the year, how is this result sitting with you today even though I'm sure a big part of your focus is on 2014 ?

Duncan: Yeah the focus is very much on 2014 for us but this wraps up our 3rd consecutive year of growth for the network which is really encouraging considering this has probably been the most challenging year since I've been at ARN. I think the network remains very well positioned for future growth in 2014 and beyond.

Mark: We'll come back to Sydney but let's start with your Melbourne survey results and a bit of a struggle for both Mix and Gold there.

Duncan: It's an interesting one because cumes remain very solid, it was a TSL issue really. It's been a busy market, you've had 2 heritage breakfast shows leaving. I won't hide from the fact that it's probably a disappointing result for us considering we've put a lot of effort into Gold and Mix. There has been a lot of activity which has proven distracting so that will settle down next year and provide us with 2 of the 3 heritage shows in the market (Gold, Mix, MMM). The reality is both of those formats are very strong. It wasn't a great one today but I'm not overly concerned.

Mark: Brisbane's 97.3 are back to #2 and were down in every shift, what do you put that down to ?

Duncan: I think it's one of those funny books to be honest, it doesn't make much sense to me. This has been 97.3's best year ever but well done to Nova, they're our great competitor up there in Brisbane. The result is just not consistent with what we've seen this year so I don't expect that to last.

Mark: On a brighter note, Adelaide is going from strength to strength at Mix but also a solid result for Cruise 1323.

Duncan: That duopoly is actually working really well. Cruise is ahead of SAFM and Triple M, Mix 102.3 is very strong. It's a very small team on Cruise who are highly passionate and put a lot of work into the station. I don't have to worry about them too much at the moment.

Mark: Back to Sydney and WSFM closed the gap on smooth, it's close, only 0.1 behind 10+ but good signs for 2014 ?

Duncan: I've always said, and I've been proven correct, that smooth was over-inflated so they've come back a full point. WSFM I thought would have recovered more than that so the recovery has taken a bit longer than what I would have liked. With Jonesy and Amanda back next year and Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS, Sydney is definitely going to be a stronger performer for us.

Mark: Mix 106.5 ended its life as the lowest commercial FM station. There's a big gap to make up to get breakfast north of 3.3. Are you expecting a considerable jump early in 2014 ?

Duncan: Yeah I do actually. I don't think it's going to all unfold in survey one though, I think we have to understand that the 2Day FM fans of Kyle & Jackie O have to be aware that the show is on a new radio station and that's probably our biggest challenge in quarter one next year. As I said to the team downstairs, if anyone was ever wondering why we were so persistent in pursuing those guys, today's result highlights that. We're incredibly excited about being able to draw a line under Mix 106.5 and launch KIIS 1065 next year.

Mark: With the KIIS sizzle reel and the Kyle & Jackie O move that leans towards a CHR, yet the post 3pm lineup with Chrissie & Jane, Rosso and Ryan Seacrest seems to suggest a Hot AC format. Any clarification on what the format will be or do we have to wait until January 20 ?

Duncan: That will all be revealed on the 20th. Suffice to say, and what I've always said is, we will provide that breakfast show with the music platform it needs to be successful. The 3PM pickup is a very successful network show for us and a big revenue earner. Rosso on drive, there's potential in him next year to increase his performance so from our point of view it's all very positive. Let's just wait and see on the 20th and I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised and I know the listeners to Kyle and Jackie O will be happy with what we deliver.

Hear my chat with Duncan from last week after Kyle & Jackie O were announced as joining ARN. He answered your questions here.

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