The BBC’s Greg James is locked in Radio 1’s Escape Room [Updated]

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BBC Radio 1 London has launched a tactic that has everyone talking, laughing and listening at the expense of its breakfast show host Greg James.

Before being escorted from his London studio by security, James was handed notes which read:

“Gregory, you are being taken away. Put on the blindfold and follow the man in the black coat”.

“You are locked in Radio 1’s Escape Room. The door unlocks with a six-digit code. Use the clues in the room to help you work out the code. Until you do, you’re stuck here.”

“PS – millions of people are listening to you right now. You will need their help.”

James is broadcasting from inside the locked room with and a clocked stopped at 10.56pm, a complicated game of hangman on the wall and a number of jigsaw pieces to put together.

He’s getting helpful advice from workmates and listeners, but several hours in, James still hasn’t had any luck in cracking the code.

“I’m sort of resigned to the fact that this is my life now. I’m writing notes on a wall. It’s not in blood, or worse, yet. But I’ve got a full night ahead, there could be some messages for the management.”

“I went into it knowing it would be stupid. A sick part of me loves these stupid things. Tonight, I’ve just got to sit back and actually think about it.”


Radio 1’s Greg James is a free man after spending more than 31 hours in the BBC escape room and it was a celebrity chef that helped him bust out.

It was a recipe from TV’s Ainsley Harriott that saw James crack the six digit code. Listeners also helped the breakfast show host work out a series of cryptic clues, sprawled across the walls of his tiny studio.

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