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Amanda Stevens is a Sales and Marketing expert; speaker, author and consultant, who took the stage at the CRA conference this afternoon to discuss ‘Raving Fans’.

Amanda’s presentation was titled ‘good brands have satisfied customers, great brands have raving fans’.

Here’s a bit of what Amanda spoke about:

Amanda explored the idea of creating ‘Brand Advocates’, and the psychology of client advocacy; the power of asking different and unique questions.

She explained the differences between male and female consumer in a very entertaining way and the power of storytelling and the impact it can make on another human being.

Points Affecting Marketing to consumers: ‘Busy-ness’ – we are dealing with more with less. The role of technology and the impact on our lives.

The Exception of the NORM: we can no longer make assumptions of consumer based on old paradigms.

Inner Circle Dynamic: Gap between male and female income is closing – women having children later is the new norm. Single women are now creating a family of other women in their circle.

The rise of the Mumpreuner: New trend of women creating home business

Challenging “Older Women” Stereotypes: Population growth of over 50 has increase by 76%, under 50% has gone down two percent. They are active and out and about.

Brain Sex: What makes they go from consumer, to a raving fan.

The Male brain and how it impacts behaviour:

· Organised
· Compartmentalised
· Structured
· Focused
· Resting state 30%

Female brain and how it impacts its behaviour:

· Random
· Web-like structure
· Unsystematic
· Haphazard
· Resting State – 70%
· Woman’s purchase process – emotions play an important part.

7 Keys to Connecting:

Little Things = Big Things. It’s never a big thing. It’s the little things along the way that build the brand value.

Questions are the Answers. We need to stop and ask more questions. We get more unique and different outcomes

Building Commonality. People will gravitate to people or items that we have something in common with. It’s a primal response.

Focus on the Future. Focus on the focus the future benefits rather than today.

The Power of Storytelling. The lost art of storytelling – create an advocate before the transaction takes place.

Mood Matters. We are wired for “Ta-Da” moments. People like people who make them feel. Make the people around you feel good.


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