Triple M Producer reveals a hatred of Sport

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The excellent, award winning, and always serious news publication The Betoota Advocate has published a stunning revelation about a Triple M Sydney Producer who passionately dislikes both Rugby League and Cricket…obviously a serious flaw in the interview process.

In the article, the Producer is quoted as saying:

“The problem is, I hate rugby league. I think it’s dumb. Cricket is worse, I guess you could say that I don’t really like sports in general. All that macho bravado bullshit never stuck with me, how I ended up in commercial radio, I’ll never know.” 

And he had some interesting comments on the Triple M Sydney Breakfast Show

“Look, I’ve got nothing against any of them. Except for Gus. If he tells me that he’s best mates with Hugh Jackman one more time, I’ll headbutt him. Andrew [Johns] is pleasant enough. I’ve had to sign a few ‘stat decs’ for him so he wouldn’t lose his licence. MG is OK, I guess. His handshakes are really firm, like my stepdad’s. I hate my stepdad, though.”

The article is worth a read, you can see the complete piece at The Betoota Advocate.

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