Triple M Perth announces Workday lineup: Dan Leach and Cat Lynch

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Hit 92.9 in Perth will soon become Triple M Perth as Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) launches the radio brand in the Western Australian capital.

Current Hit 92.9 content director Tim Arnold will take on the same role at the new station, and has started unveiling his on-air lineup.

Mornings will be hosted by Dan ‘Leachy’ Leach. He joins from the Triple M family, having spent 15 years working with the brand as part of the regional Western Australian Team.

He will be followed by Cat Lynch in Afternoons who moves across from Triple M Sydney. She’s previously been part of the Hit 107 Breakfast team in Adelaide on Amos, Cat & Angus, and more recently has been part of the team putting together SCA’s news podcast via PodcastOne, The Briefing.

Arnold told Radio Today he was excited for the station to be coming together.

“I’m so excited to have people who already live and breathe the Triple M brand joining us in Perth to launch 92.9 Triple M. Both are incredibly talented broadcasters who know their rock back to front, know this town back to front, and I can’t wait to hear them on air saying ’92.9 Triple M Rocks Perth,’” he said.

SCA and Triple M Perth are yet to announce the key Breakfast lineup, however Radio Today revealed earlier that former co-host of 6PR Breakfast and current Mayor of Perth, Basil Zempilas, could be in line for the gig.

The Drive slot will be filled by the syndicated Kennedy Molloy show.

Sister station in Perth, Mix 94.5, which previously broadcast some Triple M content, will join SCA’s Hit Network.

Existing Breakfast program Clairsy, Matt & Kymba was set to continue on the rebranded station, however today it was announced Dean ‘Clairsy’ Clairs is moving on after 30 years with SCA.

He will be replaced by Pete Curulli, who has been part of the Xavier, Juelz & Pete show which finished up on Hit 92.9 today. SCA had previously said the trio would have “other exciting on-air roles in the business which will be announced soon”.

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Well that’s nice isn’t it
27 Nov 2020 - 5:44 pm

So good to see Triple M promoting from within and from regional too. See it can be done. Congratulations Leachy and Cat.

Also nice to see local people who know the market on the air.

Well done Tim.

Kevin the Rock Dog
29 Nov 2020 - 9:30 am

Make me proud Arnold and knock off 96.

30 Nov 2020 - 3:15 pm

Okay, I’m not from Perth, but I don’t undertand why SCA just didn’t rebrand Mix as triple m and leave 92.9 as the hit station. What am I missing?

30 Nov 2020 - 6:03 pm


Greg, really not that hard to work out….

Mix highly successful. Leave.
Hit 929 not successful. Change.

End of lesson 1.
Hands up for Questions?

30 Nov 2020 - 11:10 pm


Another reason, delivered much more politely than ‘Teacher’ is that 92.9 has its heritage in PMFM, which was much more aligned to the MMM brand (it even had the famous ‘Dancing Baby’ TVC.

With heritage feel being back in the nod to PMFM can help it take on 96. Also from a strategy point of view the full reformat of a frequency has a number of advantages. Finally broadening MIX out also gives MIX permission to appeal to a larger audience (keeping older listeners but also dragging a bunch over from Hit).

1 Dec 2020 - 1:45 am

@Teacher – far be it from me to school an educator, but you’ve over simplified things and it’s not as straight forward as saying ‘Mix successful/92.9 not’.

Mix 94.5 was never a true ‘Triple M’ despite being part of the network and airing syndicated shows and football coverage. Mix is an AC station, not a rock station – never was.

With the Hit Network’s gradual shift away nationally from a pure CHR to more of an AC format, it made no sense to do the same to 92.9 in Perth since Mix was already (as Teacher says, very successfully) filling that gap in the market.

@Greg – it might seem like a big switch, but really it was the most obvious one.

1 Dec 2020 - 12:01 pm

Thanks @SH and @PJC
As I said, not from Perth, didn’t quite get it, now I do. Thanks guys.

1 Dec 2020 - 12:18 pm

Cat is one of the best talents in the country. Even if she smells like old cheese. Congrats legend

1 Dec 2020 - 1:29 pm

@SH @PJC – I think you’ve both missed the obvious point. MMM is a rock format, so is 96. How does it make any sense to launch a rock format in a market the size of Perth where there is already an established brand, currently number 1 in the market? Who will MMM take audience from? Do you think someone who listens to Fred and Lisa every morning and hearing U2 and Dire Straits across the day are suddenly going to wake up one day and change the dial? For what reason? It should be the easiest game of programming defence that Gary Roberts has ever had to play. Oh, and one last point – where do you think that 9 share 929 hit audience will go? Straight to Nova who might be an 18 share by the end of survey 2021. ARN and Nova are the winners from these changes.

1 Dec 2020 - 2:59 pm

So changing 92.9 to something completely different will drive listeners away, across to nova937 to listen to the latest hits, if mix94.5 was so successful then why not change that into a full MMM station it would be known to be best suited to amongst us perthies…. to battle against 96!!! this is completely ass about his whole thing…

As a listener in Perth I don’t regard mix94.5 as a latest hit/pop station, it’s always been the old classics good music. For hits/pop 92.9 has always been that station for me. Along with nova937
So now everything is weird. I’ll be listening to nova and 96fm.

2 Dec 2020 - 2:08 am

@Dave – only time will tell.

Though I wouldn’t be too surprised if Triple M’s ‘Rock, Sport, Comedy’ format (including its football coverage) resonates better with males 25+, as opposed to 96FM’s hybrid format of WSFM/Pure Gold style ‘Real Music’, KIIS networked Kyle & Jackie O, and no sport.

Those who want to listen to classic rock/hits will stick with 96FM, but I can see Triple M taking listeners away. All those aggrieved Hit92.9 listeners will either pivot to Mix if they still want to listen to Carrie & Tommy, etc, or will go to Nova. I don’t think SCA care too much for chasing younger listeners these days on the Hit Network anyway.

Fred Cicconi
2 Feb 2021 - 7:29 pm

hi guys,I love the new format. I don’t know why it took so long.Better late than not at all I guess. Just one small gripe,I have not heard Alice in Chains as yet.Maybe I’m a slightly bias. Cheers everyone,and thank you. Fred from Scarborough.


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