Three Questions: Mike Byrne

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It was a big  2015 in radio, as the New Year rolls in we are asking a bunch of you three quick questions.

Next up it’s Mike Byrne, Content Director of KOFM and NXFM Newcastle.

Biggest challenge facing your stations in next 12-months?

Overall I’d say it’s engaging with listeners in an ever increasingly busy world. Balancing the revenue needs of the business with an audience that is less and less tolerant to commercial messages. Locally we’ve just launched a new breakfast show on NXFM “Nick and Sophie” so there’s plenty of work to be done getting them out into the market and endearing themselves to Newcastle’s under 40’s. Early sign are positive but everyone knows how much work is involved in building a new show. Really excited by that though. For KO it’s steady as she goes with arguably one of the best breakfast shows in regional Australia “Tanya and Steve”. More fine tuning of the show and the station in general. 

The year in review, what are you most pleased with from 2015.

Firstly I’m just ecstatic to have been asked back to the SCA fold and back to my favourite city after nearly 10 years away. I’m so passionate about these 2 brands and despite some challenging surveys in 2015 I firmly believe both brands are in excellent shape for 2016. Some tough decisions have been made, but the future looks bright. I’m most pleased with the amazing team we have built here, it’s a perfect mix of fresh, hungry new talent and experienced old hands and we’re all passionate and determined to win but also determined to enjoy ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously.

Favourite song of 2015

Love the Vance Joy stuff, not a fan of almost everything else we play… for obvious reasons, but hey, if we played only my faves we’d be in deep trouble. Happy New Year everyone!

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