Three Questions: Duncan Campbell

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It was a big  2015 in radio, as the New Year rolls in we are asking a bunch of you three quick questions.

Next up it’s Duncan Campbell, Group Content of ARN with the KIIS and Gold Networks.

Biggest challenge facing your network in next 12-months?

Biggest challenge facing me is Melbourne and KIIS. We’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes getting the support structure right and on-air we’ve got  Meshel Laurie on KIIS next year who together with Matt Tilley will make a great team. I believe that in 2016 KIIS has the best chance of success and that will be were my main focus is. Not all my focus of course but a lot of it. Perth is the other market that will require focus but I’m confident that the disruption we caused this year will turn into growth next year.

The year in review, what are you most pleased with from 2015.

The consistency of the network. We’ve had another great year of consistent ratings across almost all our stations and formats and that’s due to the strength of our strategy and the teams that executes it. 2016 will be just as challenging of course with the new 2Day breakfast show and the new breakfast show on Nova Melbourne but we remain confident that 2016 will be another successful year for ARN.

Favourite song of last year

I think one of the best radio music events this year was Bieber Island in Sydney. I sat with Ben Facey in DB’s office when they played us “What do you mean” for the first time. You could tell it was going to be a hit and change people’s view of him. From that meeting came Bieber Island and the joint OB’s by KIIS 1065 and Sunrise. The whole event was fantastic so I’d say they track was one of my favourites of the year. Having said that it’s been a great year in music.

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