The Onesie War – 104.7 vs 2CC

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There’s been a bit of a war going down in the nation’s capital.

It’s 104.7’s Onesie Wednesday vs 2CC’s Wunsday.


After feeling 2CC ripped off 104.7’s idea, Sarah Miller decided to give 2CC’s Marcus Paul a call to take it back. Yep Sarah made it air on 2CC. 220714.mp3

After working it all out and not being too happy with his producer, 2CC's Marcus Paul Tweeted his plans for all to see.

With Marcus now needing “Something to take a crap on”, both 104.7’s Sarah Miller and Dan Jones oblidged and ventured to the belly of the beast – the Capital Radio Network HQ.

 “We marched up those stairs with our present for Marcus and upon realising there was nobody guarding reception placed it gently on the receptionists keyboard and fled the scene.”




Marcus Paul happily received the Onesie and wore it with pride.

A bonus for 104.7, he also posted on the 2CC Facebook page.











The 104.7 guys had a bit of fun and played the audio back on the station but then on Marcus Paul’s drive show on 2CC, they took matters into their own hands.

Revenge is sweet? 230714.mp3

So who won the war?

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