The mystery has been solved

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Yesterday we reported on the improved coverage of 4KQ in Brisbane – see the story here

In the story we included a link to the 'Variation to Licence Area Plan', see it in full here

We then received a comment from Anonymous,

"Is milk part of 4KQ's license area? Click on the above 4KQ Licence Area Plan PDF & scroll down to the very last page. Someone has included scanned a milk reciept ??"

It was then followed by this from Mike,

"I demand an inter-party committee be established to examine the amount of money being WASTED on milk delivery to the ACMA. That's OUR taxes being squandered right there…"

Here is the offending last page….

Was it a mistake or possibly put in there on purpose to see if anyone would actually read the whole thing?

Today Blake Murdoch, Media Officer at AMCA had this to say about the mysterious milk receipt,

"Ooops. Thanks for pointing that out! That’s a lot of milk too. What can we say? It was caught up in a scanner, but congratulations to your reader for finding it! The web team will take it down. But you can’t cry over scanned milk."

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