The Best Way To Launch a New Radio Feature: Just Do IT

One of the common questions from programmers and talent is the best practices on how to launch a new feature on their radio station. The answer is simple:

Just start doing it.

Most of us over-think the big debut. We believe that we must explain what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and we invest too much time and energy into planning what the talent will say before the feature starts.

Here’s the thing:

Your best listeners-your P1’s-miss 95.5% of your show.

And if that’s not enough:

Even then, they’re not paying attention when you explain the feature.

So just start doing it. And become great at it.

Then, when you have it down, promote it. Aggressively. As if it were it’s own brand.

Then, as the polished feature starts to resonate, program it more often to make it famous. How much is too much? Don’t worry about that. Worry about burn in, not burn out. This will drive quarter hours.

Need a feature or two to build your show around? Here are our Top 10 suggestions.

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