Take 5: Justin Hill

We spent 5 minutes with Scoopla’s Justin Hill.

We’ll get the lowdown from him on what it’s like to be on the Red Carpet, who has been his best interview yet and will he kiss and tell on who has been the worst star he has ever chatted too?

Justin Hill and Iggy Azalea Source: suppliedWhere did it all start for you?

At the beginning, as an over the top, all singing, all dancing middle child.  It’s pretty evident looking back on those home movies that I made everyone participate in and then watch, that I needed to have a job that allowed me to a) dress up and b) perform for tens upon tens of people. So from that point it was a hop skip and a jump from regional radio to metro radio, to TV and red carpets.

So Scoopla is where you at now…. Tell us about that.

I’ve seen Scoopla grow from a small radio brand to the national entertainment platform it is now. My whole team is a bunch of slashies. I’m a red carpet reporter/producer/brand manager/blogger/social media commentator/editor and so on. Like a good reality TV star – we’re a jack of all trades. We’re reaching MILLIONS of fans every week just like Justin Bieber but the stuff we talk about is what’s hot, what’s trending and who sent a nude pic this week.

Best interview so far?

Justin Hill and Angelina Jolie Source: suppliedAngelina Jolie. I’d always heard these rumours about ‘Santa Angelina’ and how an aura just surrounds her as she, a goddess, makes her way through this Earth. I can happily report it’s true. I find myself telling this story over and over at dinner parties and gatherings. I’d thought long and hard about how I could connect with her in that typical Australian way. The last thing I wanted was Angelina Jolie (or one of her people) cutting me off mid question (I’ve seen that happen MANY times) and our potential future friendship being ruined. So I made fun of her. I teased her about beating one of the actors in her film with a rubber baton…she laughed, I laughed, we’re friends. Well in my head we are, but that actually happened.


Who is the worst star on the red carpet or you have come across so far?

I love this question. I don’t kiss and tell, but I will tell you this. I have met a lot of celebrities in my ten years in the industry, six of them as a red carpet reporter.

I’ve seen some of the biggest names in the industry go from fun, goofy, real people who LOVED sitting down and telling me about the last time they got drunk… to suddenly becoming a star you can no longer get next to on a red carpet and you receive all instructions via their people. Keep it real people – that’s why we all loved you in the first place! 

So is an invite always guaranteed for the Red Carpet these days?


Juston Hill and Rebel Wilson Source: suppliedNever. There’s a LOT of work that goes into being a regular on a red carpet. But anyone who tries to tell you red carpets aren’t ‘work’ is kidding themselves. I describe it like this: imagine getting all dressed up (for me, full bow tie and suit) for your favourite theme park ride. There’s the anticipation of getting ON the ride while you wait and wait and wait. Then the ride is here/the celebrities arrive. There’s a MASSIVE injection of adrenaline as you speak to them for around 90 seconds, grinning from ear to ear, holding on to your stomach for dear life and praying you don’t scream out any obscenities or bizarre comments like ‘MARRY ME!’ or ‘I LOVE YOU!’. Then it’s all over and you pick yourself up, help carry the equipment back and go home.

Awkward moment?

On the daily. I don’t feel like it’s a proper Justin Hill experience if there isn’t some sort of mortifying moment. I’ve blurted things out, called people wrong names, had my fly open and the list goes on! The best moments are when a celebrity runs with it and joins the parade. It’s why I have such great relationships with celebs, we look back on those hilarious moments the next time we meet, poke a bit of fun at me and then have another great chat.

Angelina Jolie full interview below:



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