Sydney breakfast radio ‘all a bunch of wankers’

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Mix 106.5's Sami Lukis and Yumi Stynes were involved in a Google Hangout with website 'Mumbrella' this afternoon.

Questions were asked of the duo using the Twitter hashtag #AskSamiAndYumi

It was a pretty loose chat with a fair bit of swearing (Yumi) and even a viewer complaining about Yumi's use of the word "homo" during the hangout.

When asked if they liked working as an all-female hosting team, Yumi said:

"It really feels like the timing's right…there used to be this motto in radio that women can't be on radio at the same time because their voices sound too much the same that listeners won't be able to tell who's who. Which is a whole lot of sexist bullshit, it's totally not true. I think it was more this notion that people don't want too much female opinion. Why ? Because we're stupid ?

I think women want to hear other women, but men do as well and the timing is perfect for a show like this."

On the competitive Sydney market Sami said:

"I don't think you can ever go into a new show and say we're going to be number 1, we want to knock Kyle & Jac off the number 1 spot, because for a new show to come in it takes a long time to get that relationship with your listeners and get people to switch over…..I'm going into this everyday wanting to go into work, have a good laugh, have some great chats and work with a wonderful group of people. If we get success from that in the ratings then that's going to be a bonus."

Yumi replied by saying:

"The thing with Sydney breakfast radio is (big pause) they're all a bunch of wankers aren't they (big laugh)….I really don't think they would have put us in this position if they didn't think we had a good fighting chance. The fact is we're not wankers, we've lived real people's lives, we haven't been glossy, weird media mannequins for the last 20 years…."

The full 29 minute Google Hangout from Mumbrella can be viewed here.

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